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Since our start in 1993 we have released more than thirty works. Here are many of our paperback titles and e-books.

Latest releases, after July 2017... 


Common and Uncommon Thoughts

Poems about Thoughts of Being and Seeing


Hollis Davis


Poems that envelop eight decades, from cotton picker to rocket scientist to poet!


These poems by Hollis Davis embrace his individuality, but are for sharing a community of thoughts to trigger memories in the mind of the reader. He shares almost nine decades of his life. Some poems are congenial and others share the emotions of past experiences.


We all go through phases of life and each of our associates becomes a part of what and who we are. The author's evolutionary path was like climbing a ladder with many rungs, from farm life to college football to a career in the aerospace industry to poetry and songs. He has experienced almost two decades of writing for fun. Now these selections are for your enjoyment, as he has had his joy in writing them.


$11.99 at Amazon.com


ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-70-6 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-70-0



Poems for God

For Joy and Enlightenment


John Schmidt


Enjoy these poems praising God and revealing our love!


From the introduction…


Years of serious thought on a variety of spiritual topics, including praise, have led me to compose this book of poems. I hope these words will not only enlarge the lives of readers everywhere, but also be a joyful expression to my Heavenly Father, thereby increasing my joy in Him.


Praise is a way of not only thanking Him for what He has given us, but a way of letting us show our love for Him.


In this new collection, I give to you, dear reader, a chance to share in my praise so that together we might praise the Maker of the universe in our creative endeavors and all aspects of our lives.


Only $5.99 at Amazon.com


ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-90-4 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-90-5



Making Life Work for You

 A Training Manual for a Fulfilling Life

Volume 1 in the Successful Living Series

 By John Schmidt

Making Life Work for You contains entertaining and informative essays to help you unlock the keys to a successful and fulfilling life. It is a collection of essays on a variety of topics which will both entertain and instruct the reader in order to obtain a fuller appreciation of life, from the very practical to the invisible spiritual realms.

From the introduction…

“Life is not just for the accumulation of goods and services, but for a sincere and persistent investigation into the meaning of life…. We can take the opportunity to examine our lives closely while we still have life, not wait and see what happens after death…

“So I ask you, dear reader, to seriously consider the questions and answers in this book. Don’t just accept what society has told you is the correct path. Take a long look at life purpose and cause-and-effect reactions while you still have life. Don’t wait for the approach of death to force you into a situation of desperate pondering with few clear options as to how to handle the next reality.”


Only $7.99 at Amazon.com, 134 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-25-6; ISBN-10: 1-891774-25-5


Creative Hearts: Works from

Two Generations of Poets

By Pat Tyrer and Jean Brazelton

Enjoy a caring, insightful, and powerful collection of poems by two women who loved each other and their families! The mother now resides in Heaven, but the love and the creativity continue.

From Pat Tyrer’s introduction…

When I decided to put together a collection of my own poetry, I felt that it would be appropriate to combine my work with my mother’s. After all, it was she who inspired me to write. What is presented here is a combined collection of our work. I hope you will enjoy reading these works as much as I enjoyed reviewing, sorting, and collecting them.

$11.99 at Amazon.com


ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-94-2 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-94-8


Timeless Sisters—A Novella About Love

in All of Its Dimensions

 By John Schmidt

In Timeless Sisters—A Novella About Love in All of Its Dimensions, two very different, motherless sisters seek the loves of their lives while dealing with a turbulent time in their country’s history when their father, the king, dies suddenly. If they resolve their differences, not only will their country come to peace, but also the entire world. The story is set on a world much like ours during the Middle Ages.

Timeless Sisters is a love story—two in fact, where both sisters seek to marry the men they love most. Yet it is also a story of adventure, spiritual explorations, political maneuverings, suspense, and various aspects of love: self-love and forgiveness, unconditional love, romantic love, love of country, and love of humanity.

Paperback is only $5.99 at Amazon.com/books.

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-72-0 / 10: 1-891774-72-7

Ebook from Smashwords.com and its many apps, only $2.99.



A Life to Share—Two Hundred Poems for

Living Life to the Fullest

By John Schmidt


Discover yourself within the lives of others through a variety of poetic forms.

From the author: I hope you enjoy these poems, spanning several decades of my life, but each one a unique visit into the human soul. I do not write to superficially entertain myself, yet I am entertained all the while. I search for my soul in the lives of other people and the spiritual ramifications for us all. Would you care to join me?

 Paperback is only $6.99 at Amazon.com/books.

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-81-2 / 10:1-891774-81-6


Releases before July 2017, and listed on shopping cart... 


Winner’s Wisdom — Eight-Week Devotional Using Poetry and Journaling to Express the Real You


By John Schmidt



Looking for something different in the way of devotionals? Here it is!


Winner’s Wisdom is a two-month devotional using a combination of poetry, Bible verses, and prose commentary, which encourages Christians everywhere to realize their full potential and incorporate a balance between left brain and right brain activity. 


From the introduction…

This book is not intended to give all the answers about wisdom or life in general because the answers to your questions are mostly inside you already. You will never be fully satisfied by accepting only the answers that other people supply. You have a Spirit inside who is your true Self, and the outworking of spiritual energies is the only way you can ever be happy. Of course, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father God are part of your true eternal Self. Once you allow them to exist in your space rather than worldly affairs, you will be blessed beyond your current imagination.


Only $8.99 at PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com or Amazon.com, 143 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1533097415 / ISBN-10: 1533097410


Rock Solid Concrete Poems

Art Poems for the Heart



For lovers of art, life, or poetry!


By John Schmidt


From the introduction:                          

This collection of concrete poems offers free expression to the imagination, entertaining readers of all ages. These art poems are truly for the heart, creating a satisfying emotional response while titillating the mind and expanding the soul.


Praise reports…


“The poems are beautiful, not only in words but in design.”

“‘Washington Visited’ is excellent.”


John Schmidt, the author of more than a dozen works, has created one of his most fun books, gathering poems written in the last fifteen years!


Only $7.99 at PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com or Amazon.com, 62 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1500915926 / ISBN-10: 1500915920



Friends Forever,

You and God


 A Coloring Book for Adults and Children


Story by John Schmidt with

Illustrations by P. Lacey Maillett


This book is a colorful way to relax. Enjoy the delightful illustrations by P. Lacey Maillett and the soothing storyline where a loving grandfather explains the many aspects of love to his two grandchildren and asks for their love to include him. Children and their caregivers can color along together as they share precious times with each other.


John Schmidt and P. Lacey Maillett have created an enduring work that will bring many hours a pleasure to adults and children everywhere.


$5.50 at PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com or Amazon.com, 34 pages, 8x10

ISBN-13: 978-1517067106 / ISBN-10: 1517067103



Saving America Now

 The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition

By Ron Slover

Most Americans are concerned about their country’s current condition and future. Successful businessman, historian, and political expert, Ron Slover has put years of work into Saving America Now — The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition. From the back cover: 


When compared with the total period of time in which America has existed as a nation, seven years is a very small fraction of our history, yet much has occurred since the publication of The Buffet Syndrome. Saving America Now updates important events, politics, economic trends, and the very real danger facing Americans. 

Saving America Now, by Ron Slover, is only $9.99, 178 pages, available at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/1502893177/

or PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com.

ISBN-13: 978-1502893178; ISBN-10: 1502893177


My Return to the Future, 2350

Our Next Great Civilization Revealed 


By John Schmidt


A Prophetic and Entertaining Nonfiction Paperback That Reads Like Fiction!


From the introduction:

What if you could visit life on Earth in the year 2350? Because our future is based on probabilities, I believe that our future is at least somewhat knowable. And I also believe in divine revelation, that God is alive and wants to show us a wonderful new civilization that can be built in the next hundred years. This way, we can be optimistic about our future no matter what is currently happening in the world.


What you will gain from this book…

• Peace of mind — far less worry about the current world because you know that a new day is dawning in the history of mankind.

• Amazing ideas about new technologies and ways of living that are not available from any other source.

• A spiritual revelation in which you will see that marvelous human growth is very possible.


Click here for information about the author, where to purchase the book, three excellent editorial reviews, excerpts, and marvelous new technologies revealed!



Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories —

Collected Stories


Helen Luecke


Most of the stories have been published in our nation’s outstanding magazines and three in Chicken Soup for the Soul editions. Read a collection of stories that took a lifetime to write, stories about the lifetime of a delightful person, Helen Luecke. Sometimes funny, often tear-wrenching, always insightful, the stories will entertain you and inspire you to be a greater person than you ever thought you could be.




Tear-jerking and laughter impelling...few life stories can match the criteria this book displays. Upon completion, you, too, will be motivated to record your own personal memories in hopes of inspiring and encouraging others.” — Donna Smith, retired secondary/university English and literature instructor, former editor and publisher of the inspirational ezine, Victory Herald. Her works have appeared in 6th Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mature Living, Guideposts, The Writer, Christian Communicator, and many others. Mother of four, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of seven.


Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories — Collected Stories is now available for $11.99, paperback, through PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com or Amazon.com, ISBN: 978-1480262379.



Hymns for Our Lord

Original Works to Uplift and Lead


Anna McAnear


With Added Arrangements by Phil Spray


From the Foreword by Alan A. Wilson, Pastor of the

First Baptist Church, White Deer, Texas


Anna McAnear has utilized her talent in this collection of songs to express a journey of faith and grace that will hopefully help others along life’s journey as they draw closer to the Father. As you look through this collection of songs you will find music that testifies to God’s faithfulness in times of trouble as well as music that praises God for His grace and mercy. Whether you use these songs as an aid in personal worship times or implement them in times of corporate worship, I know that you will be blessed.

It is with great humility and honor that I wholeheartedly recommend this collection of sacred songs. May God’s blessings and comfort shower down upon you as you use this resource for His glory and honor. Music is the heartbeat and rhythm in our worship to the Father. May your heart beat strong and your rhythm smooth as you praise God with the wonderful music contained in this collection.


Hymns for Our Lord ― Original Works to Uplift and Lead can be purchased for $12.99 through PayPal shopping cart at pathpublishing.com or Amazon.com.  




Forty Tips for

Church Growth


A how-to guide for practical expansion


By John Schmidt


Available on our PayPal shopping cart and Amazon.com for only $4.99! .

Also a Smashwords.com e-book for the same price, though with a different cover.


The foreword by Dr. Tom C. Fuller, General Evangelist for the United Methodist Church:


My friend John Schmidt has assembled a practical and usable list of ideas that will work in any church whose members love the Lord and will focus their efforts on winning people for Christ. John’s many years as a Christian author and his commitment to the Lord make this compilation of creative ideas realistic and workable. I recommend that you study carefully and use the inspired information in this little book!


Dr. Fuller served as a pastor for over thirty years, growing one church from under 100 to over 300 in four years. Since 2006, when he went into church reform full-time, he has traveled extensively ― preaching, teaching, singing, and presenting The John Wesley Adventure, which describes Wesley’s life and his balanced, biblical beliefs. He has written ten books and holds numerous degrees and credits.



Our most popular poetry releases:


The Worth of Mirth


Poetry for Those Who Love to Laugh, and Those Who Need To


Marianne McNeil Logan


Winner of more than 2,000 contest awards, including national and international competitions, Marianne McNeil Logan has produced her first autobiographical book. From her early years on a ranch in South Dakota, through years of diligently writing poems and expanding poetry groups in the Panhandle of Texas, to later years of extraordinary quality in her rhyming lines as she accumulates lifetime awards, this book of humor and heart-felt feelings is now ready for your enjoyment. Here is a sample…



Mall Musing


Designer jeans and cowboy boots

            and see-through mesh t-shirts,

long pony tails and frizz-permed locks

            of fads that run in spurts,

gold necklaces and pierced earrings

            make parents apprehensive.

To raise a son these modern days

            gets more and more expensive.




“This is a book you won’t be able to put down once you start. You’ll smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud at the hilarious poems, all actual events.”Helen Luecke, the co-founder of the Amarillo Chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive!, a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and the author of Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories—Collected Stories.


The Worth of Mirth is now available for $12.99, paperback, through PayPal at PathPublishing.com or Amazon.com books,

ISBN: 978-1480007871.


Other poetry release by Marianne McNeil Logan:


Moments in Mourning A guide to the healing of grief. A survivor after losing a mate of 42 years, Marianne McNeil Logan, a well-known rhyming poet, gently leads the reader through unexpected stages of losing a loved one and into the light, discovering a new life is still possible. Winner of over 1,000 contest awards, her accolades are legion. Celebration for Sonneteers and Moments in Mourning have both been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This wonderful book is only $7.99 ― 4¼ x 7 (purse size), 68 pages. ISBN 978-1-891774-08-9. Now a Kindle eBook for the same price go to Amazon.com.


One of our best-selling paperbacks, Cream for Your Coffee ― A collection of prayer poetry is a collection of devotional poetry written from the perspective of an adventurer who experiences both the mountains and valleys of life. Wife, mother, teacher of children for 32 years, inspirational speaker, and Life Coach for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, Sherrill Schlimpert has an extraordinary passion for seeking the Lord’s presence. $11.99, 5½ x 8½ paperback, 72 pages; e-book, $7.00. ISBN 978-1-891774-15-7.

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