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Thoughts, Notions, and Feelings


Love Poetry, for the Love of Life

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By Dick McWhorter



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From the poet: 


I have realized over the years that writing is a gift, one that I am very thankful for…

One of my favorites is “The Secret of Happiness” ― especially the last few lines.


And a poem is still a poem,

Even though it may never be read by anyone.

But a poem is not fame, and fame is not good fortune

Unless God’s will is done.


…I have realized that, as the unknown author of the last poem says about thoughts, notions, and feelings…


By all means,

Sometime in your life

Make the attempt

To live your dreams.




“I have read many of Richard’s poems and have enjoyed them all. He has a unique way of looking at things that opens one’s eyes to a new and different perspective.” — Sherri Garcia, Assistant Director of Technology Services at Dalhart ISD, mother of five, with poems published in anthologies


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The poet, in a letter to the publisher…


 My mother, prior to her passing away in December 2000, told me to “come out of the closet with my writing,” as she stated it.

  I feel in my heart, that everything that has happened is for the glory of God.

  I am, when it comes down to it, a private person, and publicity only makes me blush, and stutter. But I know that advertising Jesus is the best opportunity that one can have in their life.

  Have not told you this before, but the reason I came to you with my work was because of Buck Wehrbein. He came to the Mission [where I was working] to teach classes and inspired me to heights I never thought I could reach.

  GOD BLESS YOU, JOHN SCHMIDT, and your web site, and your reasons for doing what you do!!!



                                                                                                            November 2009



Poems from Thoughts, Notions, and Feelings…



The Secret of Happiness

(Dedicated to Lorene McWhorter)


A chair is still a chair, even though no one is sitting there;

But a chair is not a house, and a house is not a home

Unless one has the complete freedom to roam.

A door is still a door, even though no one has used it before;

But a door is not a smile, and a smile is not love

Unless one has undaunted faith in the supreme above.

A window is still a window,

Even though it has never been opened;

But a window is not a kiss,

And a kiss is not a warm embrace,

Unless one has the goodness shining from one’s face.

A book is still a book, whether or not,

It is ever given a second look;

But a book is not a kind word,

And a kind word is not a friendly gesture

Unless the reason in one’s heart is pure.

And a poem is still a poem, even though,

It may never be read by anyone;

But a poem is not fame,

And fame is not good fortune,

Unless God’s will is done.





Plant the Seed


In the stillness of my mind

The Comforter’s voice is speaking to me.

Seek those out, those in need,

Spread the Word and plant the seed.

When we come to the Lord

Armed with the Spiritual Sword,

Thanking Him through gain and loss (Philippians 3:7-8),

Our sins forgiven upon the Cross,

The truth He proclaimed will set us free (John 8:31-32).

Oh Holy Spirit, help me hear and see;

Oh Spirit of Truth, please dwell in me.

The Truth, His Word, the Sword, Jesus said,

Will set us free.







 Let me be a little kinder.

 Let me be a little blinder

 To the faults of those around me.

 Let me praise, dear Lord, a little bit more.

 Let me be when I am weary,

 Just a little bit more cheery,

 Think a little more of others and little less of me.

 Let me be a little braver

 When temptation bids me waver.

 Let me strive a little harder to be all that I should be.

 Let me be a little meeker

 With the brother who is weaker.

 Let me think more of neighbors and a little less of me.

 Let me be when I am weary,

 Just a little bit more cheery.

 Let me serve a little better, those that I am striving for.

 Let me be a little meeker with the brother who is weaker,

 Think a little more of others and a little less of me.







Encouragement is simple.

Just a word,

A joke,

A compliment,

A little pep talk,

A visit.

Take a look around,

Pick someone out,

Then give them the best you’ve got,






Ode to a Heart


Just how cold can someone’s heart be,

To think of just one’s self and not see?

How can a person live this way?

Only the good Lord knows, but He won’t say.

I cannot understand. I have really tried,

But to no avail ― only have sighed

When trying to understand.

I can only learn to work on my own,

To better myself and help everyone.







Love, Hope, and Charity:

L for lasting,

H for helping,

C for caring.

The days here on Earth

Are but a precious few.

Saying “I love you”

And giving a hug

Are reasons for

Love, Hope, and Charity.





The Wonders of You

(Jesus in Galatians 5:22)


In the beginning of today, throughout the early dawn,

The sky turns a majestic blue.

With patient dreams, prayerful hopes, countless wishes,

All senses coming together, with temperance,

In the wonders of You.

Feelings of love, kindness, and concern,

With beliefs far beyond,

Knowing that goodness is in reach,

If sought, for everyone.

Wisdom, freely given, through time,

With faithfulness flowing over,

Granted by our Creator, and His precious sacrificing Son.

Thoughts revolving around others,

Those reaching out with trust ―

Giving without remorse,

With serene, sincere, and caring peace.

Merciful in spirit, with joy and gentleness abounding,

Keeping the soul in mind, for a cause which is just.

In the beginning of today, throughout the early dawn,

The sky turns a majestic blue,

With patient dreams, prayerful hopes, countless wishes,

All senses coming together, with temperance,

In the wonders of You.





Heart on a Sleeve


You have met a gentleman

With his heart on his sleeve.

Times together,

Memories forever,

Laughing, crying,

Moments with no price,

Forever, into eternity.

Day to day we will live —

All these memories, in time;

A gentleman’s heart lies open,

For all to see.




The poet, with a few thoughts on Thoughts, Notions and Feelings…


The Reasons for Writing Poetry


Poetry is a gift from God, not to be taken lightly. Words have a very powerful effect on those who read them; therefore, the responsibility of penning them has to be taken on, accepted, and dealt with.


Dealing with a person’s emotions at a deep level is not something to be taken lightly. One must always keep in mind, when writing, that one is not doing it for oneself, but others. That reality brings on a great sense of responsibility, and with it, humility.


Humility can help a person grow mentally and spiritually — knowing that the giving of oneself, not being selfish, is the reason for living.


The gifts you give, prior to leaving this world, are those memories that others have, feelings in their hearts and minds. The reward is in knowing that you made a difference, even if to just one person.


Dick McWhorter

November 2009


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