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John Schmidt is the author of nineteen works, with several at Amazon.com and almost all at PathPublishing.com, including “Rock Solid Concrete Poems—Art Poems for the Heart,” available at Amazon.com for only $7.99, ISBN-13:978-1500915926, http://www.amazon.com/dp/1500915920.


Best Books of the Year So Far


Rock Solid Concrete Poems

Art Poems for the Heart


For lovers of art, life, or poetry!



John Schmidt has created one of his most fun books, gathering poems written in the last fifteen years! More information at PathPublishing.com.


Only $7.99 at Amazon.com, 62 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1500915926 / ISBN-10: 1500915920





Here are three of the poems…



                        We Attach Ourselves



          we AttAch

         ourselves to

    these creatures                                                    r

                who know                                                o

                     us better than we know ourselves. F

                    in the petting of them we reach into

                   an extended soul that unites us all in

                    one blanket. Thus, we feed our own

                     selves when we let the clamor of tiny

                      c  o  flavor the unconditional lives o  w

                     h   f                                                      f   e 

                    u   m                                                     w   l

                   n    e                                                      h   o

                  k     a                                                     o    v

                 s      l                                                     m   e.




                           Big Shoes



My                                Mommy

said I should put on my shoes and

tie them myself. Is she kidding? She

 knows I can’t tie them myself. I wish I could

  but I always tie my finger in the string. I wish I

   had shoes like hers that just slip on. When I get to

   be big I’ll                         have shoes that don’t tie.






                          Fine Fat Cat


                            d                                    l 

                         u   o                                l    h

                       o       n                            e       e

                     Y          ’t                         t            r

                   anything. You don’t have to ask her

                  to sit still. She can park on the couch

                for days and you can pass by and think

               she has done nothing but breathe. Yet at

              night you know she must have eaten some

               grub and pooped. I do notice the increase

                in smell when I pass the litter box on my

                  way to work. Otherwise I would never

                    know someone brought her to me

                         two years ago. Still, I’m glad

                                        they did.




Here are other poems for your enjoyment…


  The Putting Away, and Bringing Out Again


When she was four, she wrote a poem to her

Mommy. She lost it, when a teen, when

she put down her childhood for something else.


I saved that poem.

It is in the bottom drawer of my dresser

under underwear, closer to me than anything

I could wear, for it is in my heart.


Someday I will show her that poem,

once she has returned to childhood and me.

She will know how much I care, not so much

by my words now or then,

but in the essence of saving.




               Thankfulness in This


No matter what life sends my good way

I will not grumble or complain—hey,

without life where would I

be—but air? I might fly

near you, but I could not make your day.






I stood before the painting, very modern.

Dabs and slabs and drips of paint

filled my consciousness,

reminding of me of Crayola days.

If only I could have gotten

for all of those drawings

what he got for one of these.






is measured most

in the least amount of

distance between the man and

his God.



                          (Poetic form: Cinquain—

                          five lines unrhymed, in syllable

                          pattern 2-4-6-8-2)




John Schmidt's latest release...


 Looking for something different in the way of devotionals? Here it is!


Winner’s Wisdom — Eight-Week Devotional Using Poetry and Journaling to Express the Real You



Winner’s Wisdom is a two-month devotional using a combination of poetry, Bible verses, and prose commentary, which encourages Christians everywhere to realize their full potential and incorporate a balance between left brain and right brain activity. 


From the introduction…

This book is not intended to give all the answers about wisdom or life in general because the answers to your questions are mostly inside you already. You will never be fully satisfied by accepting only the answers that other people supply. You have a Spirit inside who is your true Self, and the outworking of spiritual energies is the only way you can ever be happy. Of course, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father God are part of your true eternal Self. Once you allow them to exist in your space rather than worldly affairs, you will be blessed beyond your current imagination.


More information at PathPublishing.com.

Only $8.99 at Amazon.com, 143 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1533097415 / ISBN-10: 1533097410


John Schmidt

4302 SW 51st #121

Amarillo, Texas 79109-6159



(806) 322-7007, 877-PATH-877 (1-877-7284-877)

(Call before noon, CDT)




Is Your Writing Career Worth $1?



I have been a writer for more than 40 years, with 19 books published, and a publisher for the last 23 years, with 34 books published by 20 authors. If I, John Schmidt, had the opportunity when I started out to employ an expert writing coach for $1 for the first week and a reasonable monthly fee thereafter, which can be canceled at any time, I would have jumped at the chance. Please read my credentials below, how I and my publishing company can help you, and so much more. I will make this as brief as possible.




My writing credentials include:


♦ Nineteen books published, six through other publishers.

♦ More than 40 years as a writer, starting with poetry and expanding into other genres — nonfiction, short stories for middle readers and teens, plays, articles, and more.

♦ Master’s degree in English, and a second master’s in drama with an English minor.

♦ Several years as an English teacher — high school and university.

♦ More than 3,000 poems written, with some published in the days when I was submitting to magazines and anthologies.

♦ Continue to market my other works.


Credentials as a publisher:


♦ Have been a book publisher for more than 23 years.

♦ Possess a sincere desire to help others, especially writers, reach their dreams. I love authors. Since I am a writer, I feel for their needs, trials, and successes.

♦ Given consultations to more than 295 writers and would-be publishers.

♦ Follow the Golden Rule in all relationships.




How I can uniquely help you:


Publishing is a complicated business. And I assume your goal is to get published, or that is at least one of your goals. You need to have someone who can lead you to your goal while avoiding many of the pitfalls. Even if you simply desire to learn how to write one book and self-publish it, I can cut six months to a year off the process.


Since I have contacted dozens of printers over the years, employing several for the books I have published, I can lead you to the right printer. I can send out bids in the language of printers, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Hint: Never, or very rarely, should you go to you local printer for book printing!


As a publisher, since I have the heart of a writer, I have always taken new writers under my wings, helping them grow as writers (and people), enabling them to get their unique works to the world.


I am also very picky. I am a publisher who markets books, unlike many of the Internet publishers who make their living as printers. They may charge thousands of dollars or ask you to buy thousands of books up front or at least lock you into a contract so you cannot go any place else to have your book printed. They feel little responsibility to sell you book since they make their money by printing. Many an author has gone to them and had a book published, but would be happier in the long run if he or she had waited, worked on it more, fine-tuned it to fit a niche, and sold thousand of copies to hungry readers, not a few to family and friends. However, some of the Internet publishers have distributor contacts that a self-publisher usually lacks.


I know these companies have to survive, so I am not criticizing them, just saying, as your writing coach, to let me help you get through the pitfalls without feeling some of the sorrows that can be associated with publishing. After 40 years I think I’ve been through or checked out about everything, and I want to save you a lot of, well, grief. Your purpose is to fulfill your mission in life, your passion, so please let me direct some of your steps along the way.


It is also sometimes hard to distinguish between a traditional publisher’s website, an Internet publisher who is mostly a printer, and a vanity press. So be careful. Investigate, join a writers’ group or attend a writers’ conference and ask around.


My publishing company, Path Publishing, may decide to publish your book. We tend to specialize in these areas, though we are open to other suggestions as well: general nonfiction, self-help, Christian, autobiographies, and poetry. We are proud to have been listed  in these publications: Christian Writers’ Market Guide, The Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses, and The Writer.


I am not just a writing coach helping with grammar and punctuation, which I have taught at the college level. I can show you about everything you need to assimilate in order to realize your success. I can literally cut years off your search. Yes, I can help with editing, but I will also show you how to generate ideas that sell, search for markets, write a query letter, and know how many publishers to submit to at one time, while keeping everything polished, very professional. I mean, as a publisher I get some really far-out proposals or letters that are dismissed immediately.


If you love fiction, on our staff is an outstanding story editor, one who helped me get my ninth book published — that collection of short stories I told you about. And she also helped me on a  nonfiction book, which has fiction techniques throughout.




I leave you with a final story and some attending thoughts. Most birds, when it’s time for the baby bird to leave the nest, unceremoniously push it out — but there could be a cat or dog down below, resulting in a dead bird if it is not able to make it on the first try. I have heard that eagle parents fly off a cliff with the young bird and will catch it if a predator — or the ground — approaches. They help time after time until the fledgling can fly. Path Coach is like that.


Still more ways we help:


Toll-free telephone conversations once or twice a month. At the beginning I learn about you and your most important project. We take it from there, catering a unique curriculum/plan for your growth.

Multiple projects — we will show you how to have two or more books going on simultaneously and marketing all at once.

Marketing for additional revenue streams — can be very lucrative for all concerned — like speaking engagements that may bring in top-dollar revenues.

Writing psychology — help you overcome any mental or lifestyle obstacles that are hurting your progress, as you increase in confidence, overcome time constraints, develop clear skills, grow as a balanced person, and thus become happier and more financially successful.


Eventually, your writing career becomes joy upon joy. When I completed a CD in 2004 that contained more than 30 years of writing, the stories had come home, all in one place, a joy of a lifetime. At some point in your life I want you to experience such a joy. But you have to let me help you.


At some point everything will come together — where your life melds into a professional success that is balanced with the dream you had when you first started — or even surpass it. When I began as a writer I just wanted to get a poetry book published. As a publisher I imagined publishing three or four books. To date, 10 of mine have been published and I have published more than a dozen other authors, with more in the works! I have been greatly blessed.


I believe I have blessed the authors I have worked with — they have certainly brought me tremendous satisfaction as I watch them grow.



So that’s my story and here’s my offer:


Only $1 for the first week and $50 for each subsequent month, billed automatically until you cancel — with no obligation at any time.


Go to the link below, which will take you to our PayPal shopping cart at the Path Publishing website.


Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best!


John Schmidt


(Art creations above: Sun art by Rachael King, open book by Joni Becker, and flying book by Cleta Miller.)



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