My Visit to the Kingdom of God — An

In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision

Dear Friend:

I’m excited! Not only to publish my tenth book, but, more importantly, to give the world the good news of a wonderful new world directly on the horizon, after a few years of further chaos. This is not pie-in-the-sky or rambling imagination, but a true vision of our future, if we allow it to happen. As a reviewer said to me in a telephone conversation, “The Kingdom of God — you have been there!” 

And so I have. You can ask me any general question about life on Earth in the year 2350 and I can tell you how it exists in our new world. We all need this burst of positive energy found only in My Visit to the Kingdom of God — An In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision.

Speaking of positive energy, the testimonial on back cover is from Larry F. Renetzky, co-author with Dr. H. Norman Wright, of the national best-seller, Grace for Hurting People. “A very unique book, this is an amazing story of what the Kingdom of God is really like. This is a true story of the author’s experience of visiting the Kingdom of God.”

I very much want to spread the word about what I have been given. I am available for talks, Sunday School discussions, sermons, interviews, or seminars — including talks on the radio or TV. I have already been on Larry’s hour-long KJRT radio program.

My contact data is below. If you call, please do so before 3:00 p.m. CST.

Yours for a glorious future,

John Schmidt

Author and Editor of Path Publishing


From the publisher’s news release…

Author, editor, and publisher, John Schmidt was astounded when this remarkable vision was given to him from Heaven. In his career as a writer, John has published more than a dozen books, from storybooks to a short-story collection for youths to nonfiction for adults. He considers this book to be one of his most inspirational works, for himself and others.

“Wow! It was one of the greatest adventures of my life: a vision that showed me life on Earth in a few hundred years!” Schmidt said. “Come with me now and let me share it with you. It will change your life, allowing you to release all sorrows concerning our present world and getting on fire about a marvelous world beyond our current imagination!”

“An amazing story of the author’s experience of visiting the Kingdom of God.” — Larry F. Renetzky, co-author of the national best-seller, Grace for Hurting People


Early comments about

My Visit to the Kingdom of God — An

In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision


By John Schmidt 


A longer review from Larry F. Renetzky: “A very unique book, this is an amazing story of what the Kingdom of God is really like. This is a true story of the author’s experience of visiting the Kingdom of God. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the Kingdom of God and come back to tell others about it? Do you get excited when you are going on a trip? I do, and I am especially excited now more than ever about becoming a resident of the Kingdom of God. When you read this book, you too will be excited and will hardly be able to wait to become a resident.” ― Larry F. Renetzky, ACSW/LPC/LMFT and co-author with Dr. H. Norman Wright, of the national best-seller, Grace for Hurting People

From the story editor, her final words: “John, your story is truly wonderful!  You have done so much work on it and I am amazed and delighted with how it has come out.  You are very eloquent in it, and the ideas you present are inspiring and alive.  I kept writing notes in the margin like ‘funny,’ ‘exciting idea’ and ‘great!’”

Another comment: “With the popularity of books like 90 Minutes in Heaven, this [will be] a real biblical spin on Revelation.”


The book’s contents page and words

from the first chapter



1. Introduction to the Future  5

2. Day One: Touring Acturon, a City-state in the Kingdom of God  9

3. Day Two: Waking Up in the City on the Moon  22

4. Day Two: Becoming the Kingdom of God’s Newest Citizen  30

5. Day Three: First Computer Investigation and the Walk to Ravi’s Home  36

6. Day Three: Spending Time with Ravi at Work and Visiting the Trading Center  51

7. Day Four: Traveling with Sirean and Michael to a Zoo in Africa  64

8. Evening of Day Four: Further Investigation  83

9. The Beginning for Us All  105

About the Author  119



  Introduction to the Future


The purpose of this book is threefold. First, to give you a clear vision of the Kingdom Saint John saw and the New World so that you can let the legions of sorrows that are attached to this old world pass away as easily as a night before a dawn. Second, to bring you a very real hope, one strong enough to encourage you to share ideas in this book with other people. Hope brings peace, an inner knowing that there is indeed a plan for humanity made by God and that each one of us has a very specific place in the unfoldment of the plan. Third, to present a blueprint to help build the Kingdom — maybe not exactly like the one in this book, but a Kingdom built with the same spirit of hope-filled peace.


“Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28).


Years ago, in my late twenties, an inner door opened and I began to have many dreams. The Holy Spirit not only showered me with dreams which were personally relevant, but I also experienced dreams that were not about me at all. They felt like visions labeled “About the future of humanity, not you.” The most remarkable vision is what this book is all about. It came from God but I believe it was meant for all of us. The vision was so detailed and vivid that years later I am able to recall scenes as if they came yesterday.

This New World vision is futuristic. If someone in 1776 had dreamed of America today, they would have needed to jump a chasm of impossibilities before they could comprehend a world as fantastic as our own. A microwave, an automobile, and an airplane would all seem impossible. To us, a fully functioning city on our moon, world peace, a six-hour work week, and lifetimes lasting hundreds of years are equally fantastic.

This New World vision presents a radical leap for humankind, but why should we think the next paradigm will be gradual? Life does not always progress slowly. Sometimes Heaven opens a new door that requires us to stretch not only our imaginations, but our souls, every part of us. Yet in the stretching, we find ourselves not exhausted, but enlivened and strengthened. None of us would want to go back to life in 1776. People living in the New World would not want to come back to today!


“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5).


This vision is like a city on the horizon, a signpost of great hope rather than a discouraging distance to travel. Humanity needs great hope. We are tired of poverty, war, famine, and the thousand natural disasters the world is heir to — none of which I saw when I visited the New World in my vision! Many people are tired of economic intimidation by the super-rich, bickering between religions and denominations within religions, and incomplete knowledge of how all things work in God’s harmony. We are ready for a breakthrough.

We humans create struggle, resistance, sorrow and loss. God does not. God gives us challenges, but simultaneously offers plans, a strong will and healthy striving, the energy every day to keep going, Heavenly and inward guidance, a balanced planet on which to work, sunlight in a harmonious solar system, and so much more. We make personal agendas, cultural barriers, disagreements over scriptural interpretations, physical and emotional addictions, materialism, and mental confusion ― while God leads us toward simplicity and generosity, qualities abundantly evident in the New World.

My hope is that groups of people will believe in the possibilities outlined here, and formulate plans for building communities that are dedicated to the spiritual unfoldment of humanity and the rights of every person to pursue a spiritual philosophy that hurts no one while leading to world peace.

If we put our minds to a vision of what we want, what we are fairly certain God wants, it will happen. The hands of Heaven are willing and waiting to help us. Let us be open to the idea that God is alive and well, and interested in helping us. If part of God’s help is to aid us in building our next great civilization, and surely an all-seeing God has some plans in mind, then why not be open to it today? 


“Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it…” (Rev. 3:8).


I believe humanity is evolving into a new consciousness. We will build a civilization that leads us toward a new way of seeing life and love, a new way of living that eventually enables us one day to live fully conscious without needing physical bodies, truly spiritual beings. We will one day be like little seeds given off by a plant. The plant is unchanged, but the seeds go out into a new, bigger space. Earth will remain but we will be free to explore the universe unhindered.  

This vision describes not just a new civilization but a platform that will launch us toward the destiny of humanity. Let us imagine the next great civilization and build it together.

The vision story is based on an actual vision, yet it is so much a part of me that I want to fully bring it to life for you. I have translated it into a story format so you can feel what it was like to be there. I have also included other New World visions ― gifts from God, never sought ― like the zoo experience. The entire book is based on what the Holy Spirit has so wonderfully revealed to me and to us all. God bless our future together!  


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