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The Lion Princess —

Journey to an Awakening


 Written by John Schmidt

Cover photo by Melanie DeFazio, meldefazio@frontier.com, www.melaniedefazio.com

Model: Brooklyn DeFazio — contact her through her mother, meldefazio@frontier.com, www.melaniedefazio.com

Published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing (SAN 257-4330)



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1. From the press release

From Deborah K. Frontiera, award-winning author: “A young princess, bored with the palace, sets out on a journey to experience the lives of her people. Her over-protective father thinks she will be safe, but only her own resourcefulness and inner faith can lead her into the wisdom she will one day need to rule her people. The Lion Princess, a different sort of ‘fairy tale,’ is a great read for young people. The story and characters provide much for young people to think about and apply to their own lives.” — Deborah K. Frontiera, award-winning children’s author, speaker, and teacher

More praise: “This delightful story mixes mystery with a folk-tale style when a young princess uses a unique disguise to escape the boredom of the palace. Through an unforeseen, dangerous circumstance both the princess and her father grow in wisdom and faith in God.” — Laura Stephens, teacher of 32 years, a past music director, and entrepreneur of a child development center  

From the author: “The Lion Princess encourages young people everywhere to never give up, to go to greater heights by courage, faith, and a strong desire to find out who they are and what their purpose in life really is. The novel is unique in that it is not an animal story, per se, but an adventure where a girl dons a very realistic lion suit, joins a circus, and finds out what a struggle it is to be an animal. Alice finds out more about herself than she ever dreamed possible, and experiences the trials of the people she will one day rule while she endures the sufferings of animals. I’m very happy that my eleventh book will be released this year through Lighthouse Publishing.”


2. Book summary

The Lion Princess — Journey to an Awakening tells the story of Alice, who is determined to see the world outside her palace. Her father, the king, allows her to hide within a lion costume and pretend to be a caged circus animal, thus being able to see some of the kingdom, as violent and cruel as it might be. The story twists unexpectedly and becomes dangerous for Alice, yet her courage, the efforts of those who love her most, and good fortune carry her through.

The story is about a young person’s desire for maturity. It deals with the boredom a child faces when wanting to be more than a child — and the courage necessary to strike out. But here also is the need to accept the guidance of one’s parents, who know about the world and the dangers present.

Set in the year 1900, the story offers young readers a delightful return to simple values, where honesty, determination, cooperation, and faith overcome all obstacles.

The book is unique in that it is not an animal story, per se, but also an education for Alice and young people everywhere as she experiences life from an animal’s point of view, and young readers learn how animals should be better treated.

The story ends with her once again at the palace, but seeing everything around her in new ways. For the girl has become a young woman, greater in self-understanding and developing the wisdom she will one day need to rule her people.


3. The final pages of book:

The Miraculous Cover Photo

As we neared the production deadline for this book, I received permission from the publisher to help with the cover. We had already batted around a few ideas, and we were fairly certain that we wanted a nice cover photograph. I asked a friend of mine, a very knowledgeable publisher, what she thought. She said she knew of a network of pageant, model, and acting youths in Houston; she would contact them for me. And the next day she suggested that I scout out the photographs at a stock photo company on the Internet using “princess” as the key word. I promptly did.

I will never forget that in my search of the hundred or so pages that were brought up, on page 9 was the perfect girl — in a white dress, her hands touching a stone porch, and a beautiful smile. In fact, that was the name of the photograph, “Beautiful smile.”

Unfortunately, she looked a bit young for the part, about nine years of age. I asked other people and they agreed with my age assessment, and the three I asked about the age concern agreed with me. However, I felt very strongly about the photograph; I’m not a terribly emotional person, but just looking at it would bring tears of joy to my eyes. I sincerely felt this is the girl, if it be God’s will.

I was about to do another search on the Internet when I noticed something on the web page I had printed out concerning the photograph. It said that the photo was uploaded three years before. That would make her about twelve years of age. The exact age of the girl in the book!

I asked another friend of mine, an artist who is well versed with sites for artists, to contact the photographer. I received a quick response from Melanie DeFazio, who said that she could easily retake the photograph in the same dress.

The following day she told me that the model was her daughter, Brooklyn DeFazio, and “she models for me a lot and is with an agency.” She said she had read the press release I attached to my email, which gave this information: “Encouraging response from SPCA International when I told them that I had already done brainstorming about fundraising possibilities: ‘We’d be happy to look at any specific proposals you come up with. Thank you so much for thinking of SPCA International and your interest in supporting us through your work!’ We have also received enthusiastic responses from the Amarillo SPCA, the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society, and others!”

Melanie continued: “It’s actually funny because it sounds like the book just fits my daughter. She just wrote a book herself called The Lost Lion. She is a very creative little girl and loves animals. We volunteered this past summer at our local humane society and it was the highlight of her summer.”

If this experience is not proof enough, let us never forget that God is in control, all things work for the good, and miracles are everywhere when we look for them and remain patient to the desires of our Heavenly Father.


   About the Author

John Schmidt has published books for youths, adults, and children.

John spent four years writing Heroes, Angels and Miracles — Eleven Uplifting Stories from Around the World for Youths. The 360-page volume contains stories to inspire you, to allow your Spirit and mind to soar, offering divine guidance through this most ordinary, yet extraordinary gift we call life. The illustrations by five wonderful artists add vitality and insight.

Books for adults include My Visit to the Kingdom of God, an entertaining and informative look at the Kingdom of God, our next great civilization. View one of its cities from a flying car; visit the city on the moon, and a fantastic zoo in Africa. A true vision of our future, if we allow it to happen, the book will change your life, allowing you to release all sorrows concerning our present world and get on fire about a marvelous world beyond our current imagination!

Giving to Yourself and Letting Happiness Happen helps a person who is depressed, and possibly having thoughts of suicide, get back to happiness ASAP.

His works for children are You and God Together, Friends Forever, a marvelous introduction to the concept of God and how we know He is love, and real; Two Stories for Children — Betty Blooper Is Super! and Hands Holding Heaven, encouraging a child to develop a positive self-image and overcome the fear of death by the love of God; and Mr. Turtle’s Award, which has been adapted into Turtle’s Award and Turtle’s Award for Reader’s Theater — the latter receiving a standing ovation at this premiere performance. Though the plays have not yet been published, contact Path Publishing about their reasonable performance rates. See the email address below.

Besides his writings, John has earned master’s degrees in English and in drama, and is the editor of Path Publishing, Inc., a Texas Panhandle-based publishing house specializing in general and Christian nonfiction, poetry, biographies, and self-help. As editor, he has given hundreds of free consultations to new writers while publishing dozens of books. He encompasses a great love for creative expression and the human experience.

Those interested in contacting John about his current work in uplifting the lives of young people everywhere and spreading the word of the Kingdom may email him at Path@PathPublishing.com. In the subject line please place “Lion” or “Kingdom.” Be sure and check out the many other titles at www.lighthousechristianpublishing.com and www.PathPublishing.com!  


The Lion Princess is dedicated to my parents, who sheltered me, a boy longing to

see the world, and who, at the proper time, let me go.



Many thanks to ww, a princess among story editors.

And Audrey, historical consultant, who always

returns with more than I expect.


4. Where to buy the book

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We sincerely hope that you will spread the word about the book, helping us reach churches and organizations like animal welfare groups who care for animals in great need. Or make a donation on our shopping cart. We seek to raise money for a second printing so individuals and organizations across the country can use The Lion Princess as a fundraiser.

Send a bank check for $12.95 plus USA shipping to John’s company, Path Publishing, 4302 W. 51st #121, Amarillo, Texas 79109-6159. One book is $15.45, with shipping, for those outside Texas. Texas residents need to add 8.25 percent sales tax, which comes to $16.72. Postage is $3.50 for the first book and 75 cents for each additional.


5. Email us at path2@pathpublishing.com with your comments or suggestions! Please put “Lion” in the subject line. 


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