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One night while driving home from work, listening to a Seventh Day Adventist minister preach on the radio about the end of time and the mark of the beast, Pastor Bill gave his heart to Jesus. 


Pastor Bill’s great, great grandfather moved from Stendal, a town in Germany, to join in the early settling of Stendal, Indiana. He established the Lutheran Church that is still in existence. His mother and father raised Bill in the Methodist Church, living in northern Indiana. He is the eldest of the six children of Loyd and Louana Meyerholtz. Pastor Bill worked in trucking for many years, was trained by his father in carpentry, and was employed in the coal mines of Indiana. He is a Vietnam veteran. Today he is the founder and pastor of Miracle Covenant Church Healing Center, established in October, 2001.


Pastor Bill has been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for more than twenty-five years. Being “born again” in 1982 and filled with the Holy Spirit, he answered the call to the ministry in 1984.


He attended First Pentecostal Church for nine years, and was taught many things by Pastor Chuck Harrington. Under his leadership they expanded the building with a 3,200 square foot sanctuary. The ministry of the church grew and many souls were saved.


The Lord moved Pastor Bill to the Glezen Revival Center under the leadership of Pastor Dan Caldwell for two years. Here the Holy Spirit gave him more guidance in the Word, and in the Spirit.


With the training he received from Pastors Chuck and Dan, plus many hours of listening to teachings from radio ministers, such as Rev. R.W. Schambach, Rev. Kenneth Hagin, and Rev. Kenneth Copeland, and with much prayer and Bible study, Pastor Bill opened Victory Church in Winslow, Indiana. During his five year leadership many people were saved and healed.


Pastor Bill and his wife, Lana, became volunteers who counseled drug and alcohol patients at the St. Joseph Hospital in Huntingburg. They watched God do great things in people’s lives. Many came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Many were set free from addictions. Bill and Lana were allowed to use their Sunday morning worship at Victory Church as part of their counseling time. 


Pastor Bill and Lana went on the evangelist field from 1996 until 2001, preaching in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas.  Many received the Word of God and were saved, healed, set free, or received the Holy Spirit.


While in a revival in Illinois, God gave Pastor Bill and Lana the direction by the Spirit to move to Amarillo, Texas, and start a church. Today that church is Miracle Covenant Church Healing Center.


Bill and Lana became licensed and ordained members of the Full Gospel Church Association, Inc., in Amarillo, founded by Rev. Dennis Thorne in 1952. Pastor Bill is the President of The Full Gospel Church Association and Lana is the Executive Secretary. Many blessings are happening with the FGCA as they spread the gospel in the Texas Panhandle, throughout the U.S., and in other countries.


Because the Word of God directs in the gifts of healings and miracles, Pastor Bill and Lana move in the gifts in their services. A covenant was established by God, from the church’s beginning, between Him and His people. Because we are engrafted into the family of God through Jesus Christ, Pastors Bill and Lana preach, teach, and live the covenant life that was made by Jesus for His people today ― to be a blessing and to be blessed. That is why Miracle Covenant Church Healing Center came into existence.


Along with preaching the gospel every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and prayer on Tuesday nights, Pastor Bill has founded the Miracle Covenant Church School of Ministry. He teaches and instructs through the Word of God, by the leading of the Spirit, to train and equip men and women called to the ministry who will prepare God’s people for the soon return of Jesus.


Pastors Bill and Lana have started a Miracle Covenant Church weekly prayer meeting in Tucumcari, New Mexico, on Wednesday nights at 7:30. It is the beginning of a new church for Tucumcari, located at 1402 S. 7th Street in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Benny Aguilera. Everyone is welcome to come and be blessed. God is moving in His power and authority over those who attend, with wonderful preaching, praising, and healings. We hope to see you there!


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