“Mesotherapy for Easier Weight Loss”

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By Dr. Gerald Parker



Here are very informative pages about Mesotherapy, a revolutionary fast and painless, nonsurgical procedure for spot fat and cellulite reduction that puts you in control. Dr. Gerald Parker, a preeminent authority, is president of the North American Society of Meso-Lipotherapy, a practicing physician, lecturer, teacher and magazine writer.


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Definition of Mesotherapy





      Mesotherapy is a non-invasive injection therapy used to remove fat successfully exactly where you want. It is a cutting edge alternative to liposuction, plastic surgery and other invasive cosmetic procedures. This revolutionary procedure is the best treatment available for treating cellulite, and allows many women to wear shorts and swimsuits for the first time in years.

      Here’s what satisfied patients around the world are saying:


“I’m wearing sizes of clothes that I wore in college and I have three children now.”


“My pooch is gone after 24 years.”


“I have curves now that I didn’t even have in college.”


“I went from a size 12 to a size 8 in eight weeks.”





What Mesotherapy Can Do for You


        Although Mesotherapy can be used to treat almost any area of fat collection on the body, including, the application that achieves the best results is spot fat reduction. It is a wonderful technique for the patient who has one or two stubborn fat areas. Although it can be used on a very overweight person, obviously a small person with limited areas of fat can lose the inches more economically than a person who has much larger areas to lose. The larger person should consider losing their extra weight before beginning Mesotherapy. Ideally, the patient will be within thirty pounds of their preferred weight before attempting Mesotherapy in conjunction with a weight loss program.

        As I always tell my patients, everyone should be on a low starch and a “good fat” diet. This means avoiding the saturated and transaturated fats that are more likely to end up in arteries and intra-abdominal areas where they cause the most damage.

        A second use for Mesotherapy is for cosmetic and esthetic purposes. Since Mesotherapy is an excellent technique for spot fat reduction, its cosmetic uses are almost unlimited. More and more, it is being employed for eye-pad fat.

A third application of Mesotherapy is for the face and neck areas. It is an excellent treatment for facial rejuvenation. There are a number of techniques and medications available for these treatments, which all depend on the degree of aging of the skin, the amount of wrinkles, and degree of skin laxity.

        Some physicians call this a “Meso-lift,” and others refer to it as “Meso-glow.” Even a few doctors call it “Meso-rejuvenation.” Meso-lift is not my favorite name for it because it is not a true “lift.” However, it does tone up the face and gives the appearance of a lift in some patients. It is very good for rejuvenating the facial skin and usually gives a younger appearance. For about a week following the treatment, the patient appears to have a “youthful glow,” hence the term Meso-glow, which is the name I prefer.

         Mesotherapy has also been useful in treating scars. As a physician, I want to know the patient’s background in relation to the treatment. The treatment of scars in people of color often makes the scaring worse instead of better. So Mesotherapy should be used cautiously on people of color and on anyone who tends to scar more severely than average.

         Fifth, Mesotherapy is used for cellulite. What is cellulite? Cellulite is the dimpling that women around the world have grown to loathe. Cellulite occurs in the subcutaneous level of the skin. Cells are normally arranged in chambers surrounded by connective tissue much like a honeycomb. As this connective tissue contracts and hardens, it can hold the skin in place while the surrounding tissue can expand or flex with water and/or weight gain. This results in some sections of the skin being held down while others bulge: thus, dimpling.

         Mesotherapy is the best treatment available for cellulite; however, in more advanced cases, it may not be enough to remove cellulite completely. Mesotherapy is most effective in the early stages; in more advanced stages of cellulite damage, Mesotherapy may not be enough. It is, nevertheless, a very helpful adjunct to other therapies. When using Mesotherapy for cellulite, it takes longer to see results as opposed to the rather quick performance seen in spot fat reduction.

        Spot fat and cellulite are so common nowadays that cellulite therapy is becoming more and more sought after. I venture to say that in the future there will be very few people who haven’t had a treatment at some point in their lives. Studies have reported that up to 95 percent of adult women suffer to some degree with problems of cellulite.    

        Reportedly, cellulite affects the self-image and self-esteem of women more than anything else. It can affect women of all ages regardless of their weight. I have seen it in women well within their target weight. Cellulite is usually found on the hips, buttocks, and thighs; however, it can appear almost anywhere. Ironically, women describe cellulite with terms of endearment such as “cottage cheese,” “orange peel,” and the all-time favorite, “hail damage.” 

        Why is fat reduction so difficult for so many people, especially women? Because cells in the lower part of the body store fat more readily than the cells in the upper body, thus making weight loss in some areas almost impossible for some women. Because of this, Mesotherapy has become the preferred treatment for many women.

        A sixth application of Mesotherapy is found in hair restoration. I have no personal experience in this area, and I have not heard enough positive reports from my colleagues to prompt me into trying it. I have seen cases with good results, but I don’t think that the percentage of good results compares as favorably as the other areas that I have discussed. For a local area of hair loss, it can sometimes be effective, but for male pattern baldness, it takes many treatments and is not effective in most people.

        Finally, Mesotherapy can be an effective treatment for pain. It can be used for sports injury therapy and athletics, rheumatology for people with arthritis, or helpful in chronic pain with any source. In ligament repair, however, it will not cure a completely torn ligament, nor will it heal a herniated disc. Obviously, it is important to have the condition evaluated by a qualified physician to determine if you are a candidate for Mesotherapy, especially when considering it for the treatment of pain. The advantage of Mesotherapy is that a small amount of medication can be injected into the site of the pain source and even to the area where the pain is felt. Unbelievably, that is not always the same area. For example, pain that is felt down the back of the leg actually originates from the lower back. This is usually sciatic pain, referred to as sciatica. This and similar problems can be successfully treated with Mesotherapy.

        Another effective treatment for pain is Prolotherapy (also called sclerotherapy or ligament reconstruction). It is similar to Mesotherapy only in that it is an injection to the site of the pain. It differs greatly from Mesotherapy in its principle. Prolotherapy is useful for repairing ligaments and joints. My personal preference is to use Prolotherapy for chronic problems (problems lasting for at least six weeks) and to use Mesotherapy for acute problems (recently occurred problems) such as sports injuries.

        Acute problems can also be treated with a technique called Trigger Points.

        Additionally, acupuncture has been found to be effective on these acute injuries because it is used to stimulate the nerves and pathways in these areas without the use of medications.

        These are the most common ways that Mesotherapy is used, and its future looks bright, with new or more refined techniques being developed continually as millions of women seek its help for spot fat reduction and cellulite.



Five of the testimonials from CHAPTER XV


True Stories


    Here are the experiences of several of my patients so you will have a better idea of how Mesotherapy progresses. Some of these I documented and others the patients wrote in their own words, telling their personal journeys with Mesotherapy. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.





        A 42-year-old, white female was first seen in my office desiring Mesotherapy for upper thighs and lower abdomen. She had a history that almost caused me not to treat her. She stated that the Hashimotos Thyroiditis and lupus were under control. Fibromysoitis and a history of taking steroids caused damage to her hips and both were replaced. The hip replacements were later recalled because of the silicone lubricant, and both hips were replaced again. The right hip surgery left a deep scar that looked like the Grand Canyon.

I explained to her that with her history I couldn’t say she would have no problem with our treatments. Since she might have a problem with her illnesses anyway, we wouldn’t know the true source of any complication.

        I recommended she discuss it with her personal physician and she said she already had. She decided she was willing to accept any risk and felt comfortable with Mesotherapy. I’ll have to admit, I was very hesitant. But I also felt sorry for her and really wanted to help her if I could. Since the medicine I would be using is a natural substance in her body anyway, I didn’t worry so much about a problem with that. I worried more about her developing a problem unrelated to the treatments and blaming Mesotherapy. Obviously, I didn’t want to go to court for malpractice, but this nice lady was probably going to have medical problems throughout her life. 

       What led me to go ahead and treat her were my desire to help her and the fact that she didn’t seem like the type who would take advantage.

       She asked me to do Mesotherapy on both upper thighs and her lower abdomen. She also asked if I could do a “touch up” around the scar area on her right leg where the fat “pooched out” around it. I told her we could probably help it some, but I couldn’t make any promises.

       After just one treatment, she was pleased with the results and wanted to be sure that we kept working on the scar area. After two treatments, we had the area anterior to the scar almost level with the scar, giving the appearance of a smooth surface. The area posterior to the scar was better, but still was somewhat elevated.

       After the third treatment, the area around the scar was almost level with just the lowest part of the posterior area being elevated. After the fourth treatment, there were no longer any signs of the Grand Canyon and she was very pleased with the results. She was happy with the results on her thighs and abdomen also. She lost two inches in each thigh and the skin showed much better tone. And, she lost two inches in her lower abdomen.





    Judy was a highly successful businesswoman in her 40s who had liposuction in the past and was certain she never wanted to undergo that procedure again. She said, “I was down for two weeks and I still have some areas that don’t look right.”

    She liked the idea of being able to get a treatment and then going about her business the same day without anyone knowing she even had a treatment.

     She wanted to get the fat off her arms and belly. She also wanted to smooth out the “dents” in her buttocks.

We began treatment and she was doing very well in the abdomen, and the “rear” was gradually looking better. But I’m not sure she could sense the improvement in her arms. When I pinched up the arms, there was less and less fat each time, but when we measured her arms we couldn’t see much change because the skin had not shrunk. Her right arm had measured larger than the left from the beginning, and she decided to stop treating the left arm but continue on the right side to see if the two sides would even out eventually.  She continued treatments on the buttocks and other smaller areas we had been treating when she decided to start treatments on her double chin.

Each of the next two sessions showed good improvement, but she said that her left arm was still getting smaller. I explained to her that part of that was some of the medicine still working, and the other part of that equation was that her skin was finally getting tighter. The measurements in her arms continued to improve for over a month as the skin gradually tightened, almost like balloons after the air is let out. We just took the fat out and needed time for the skin to adjust. I explain to all of my patients that I cannot promise the skin will shrink all the way back. It depends a lot on their health and age, but most of the time the skin cooperates.

This patient has been one of my best. We have done fat and cellulite treatments just about all over her from the chin to the knees.

One day I asked her what her husband thought and she said, “I haven’t told him. He just thinks I’m dieting and exercising.” 

I asked her how she explains the occasional bruise, and she said that with the supplements I recommended to her to prevent bruising, she hardly ever had any. But one time when he asked about a bruise, she said she just bumped into something.





      “My name is Kathleen, and I am 58 years old.  I began Mesotherapy spot fat reduction treatments on my stomach. I have now had six treatments and I am happy to report that I have lost 10 pounds. But more importantly, 7 inches from my waist and abdomen.

      “My abdomen area has been a problem for me since the birth of my last child over twenty-four years ago. She was delivered via C-section and my stomach has never been the same. I have dieted and exercised for years trying to get these same results. I would firm up and lose weight, everywhere but there. I would always still have that “problem area” that nothing else I did could touch, until this spot fat reduction! Because of my Mesotherapy treatments, I am now able to wear my clothes without that “pooch” that used to make me so self-conscious.

      “Needless to say, I am so pleased that there was help for me without having to have an invasive or dangerous surgery.”



Amanda, a 33-year-old mother of two, had tried several ways to lose weight after a C-section with her second child. She had lost weight, but was still struggling with fat that had pocketed by her scar from the C-section.

“I have tried exercise and dieted, and I did lose weight, but there are just those areas that aren’t going away,” she said. She visited with me in May 2004, and decided to try Mesotherapy for her abdominal area.

About eight weeks later, after six treatments, the measurement around Amanda’s waist at her bellybutton had gone from 35½ inches to 29¾ inches.

“I’ve tried lots of things to target my areas of fat that were hanging on after all those years. I’ve tried hard to get rid of them. Mesotherapy is wonderful; it’s the best thing I could have done. It got me off that plateau.”





A 42-year-old woman came into my office wanting Mesotherapy treatment for cellulite in her legs.

“It’s really bad when your teenage daughter tells you that you need to do something,” she stated.

I explained to her that cellulite goes a little slower than spot fat reduction, and that she may need as many as ten or twelve sessions to get the results she was hoping for. I was sure we could help her, but I couldn’t make any promises, as everybody is different.

After her second treatment, I asked her if she had told her daughter what she was doing.

She said, “NO, I’m just going to wait and see if she notices.” She said that her daughter was away at her grandparents’ and she would just wait and see how things went when her daughter got home.

When this patient came in for her fourth treatment, she was ecstatic.

“I’m so pleased. I picked my daughter up at the airport and she asked me if I’d lost weight. She said, ‘Your legs look better.’ I kept asking her if she really thought so, because I loved hearing it.”

I asked her if she told her daughter what she was doing.

She said, “No, I still haven’t told her anything.”

But I’m sure she will eventually! And, probably other people, too.







In these pages, I have shown you a good deal of information about Mesotherapy ― its development, how it works, what is used in treatments, and what you can expect from them. We have reviewed some of the FAQ’s and shown you results of tests and studies so you now know that this procedure is extremely safe and effective when done by a qualified, well-trained physician.

I am sure you understand by now that the final results depend on you as much as the physician. It takes both of you doing your jobs to get the desired results.  

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of fat metabolism, and sugars and starches, and how they have definite effects on the results.

I have given you some exercise ideas that I trust will get you started on your own regimen. These will make the results even better.

From here, it is up to you to find a Mesotherapist that you feel comfortable with, and then follow the program to see what wonderful results you can obtain. I expect you will do as well as most of my patients.

Hopefully in Appendix 1 you will find a Mesotherapist who you will be happy with. And in Appendix 2, find sources for all the supplements you need.

Good luck and God bless!



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I  Different Techniques ― Different Results  1


II  Definition and History of Mesotherapy  4


III  What Mesotherapy Can Do for You  8


IV  Chemistry Class — Mesotherapy 101  13


V  Frequently Asked Questions  18


VI  Typical Mesotherapy Sessions in My Office  24           


VII  How to Find a Mesotherapist  30


VIII  Cellulite  32


IX  Injections and Supplements Used to Enhance 

      Mesotherapy  41


X  Understanding Sugar and Starches  56


XI  Understanding Fat Metabolism  59


XII  Fast Foods  61



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