Psalms from My Soul


By Mimi Crawford



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First Edition, November 1999


Copyright © 1999 Mimi Crawford


All rights reserved. This book or portions thereof may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher, except for brief passages used in reviews.

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               Psalms from My Soul



                   Life Brand New


Iíve grown weary of going through life without a plan,

sometimes drifting with the water, sometimes sinking in the sand.

Then one day I called on Jesusí Name.

He came into my heart and my life will never be the same.

Jesus forgave my sins; He set me on higher ground.

My life now has a purpose; I know where I am bound.

Iím heading towards my Heavenly home,

eternally with Jesus, never to be alone.

Those lost in darkness, I pray will see

the light that Jesus shines through me.

So if youíve grown weary of not having a purpose or plan,

if youíre just drifting or sinking in the sand,

call out to JesusóHeís there for you.

Allow Him to make your life brand new.



                Love Set Me Free


No longer a prisoner bound by the shackles of sin,

free like an eagle that rides on the wind,

Jesus, I gave You my heart and You forgave my past.

Set free, I can start a new life at long last.

My redeemer, bright morning star that faithfully shines,

a light of love lighting my path ahead and behind,

You are faithful and true to guide the ways of my feet.

From the lowest valley to the highest mountain peak,

how my love for You grows stronger each day.

To faithfully live in Your Word, I pray,

for I will hide that Word deep in my heart.

Holy words of wisdom that You impart,

my glorious Savior, I completely trust in You.

Knowing the power of Your love will always carry me through,

Iím in awe that You could love someone as unworthy as me.

A love so unselfish that You died on Calvaryís tree,

but if that wasnít enough to show the love You had,

You gave eternal life when You arose to sit at the Fatherís right hand.



           My Secret Hiding Place


When the storms of life grip me in fear

and my eyes canít see through all the tears,


my God gives me an anchor of hope and peace,

calming my soul, putting my mind at ease.


With love, He gently wipes the tears from my face,

the shadow of His wings is my secret hiding place.


As I kneel, wings of love softly cover me,

closing out a world that can be cruel and mean,


allowing me to have a time of rest,

feeling how much Iím loved, how much Iím blessed.


Someday soon in Heaven with Him Iíll always be,

sitting at Godís side, my head resting on His knee.


Heíll tell of glorious ages gone by.

In that place, no more tears are ever cried.



                   Trust and Faith


If lifeís troubles are too much to bear,

when no one listens or seems to care,


thereís someone waiting for the cry of your voice

because youíre His treasure, youíre His choice.


You are the apple of Godís eye.

He created you along with Earth and sky.


He cares about your biggest dreams and deepest sorrows.

God longs for you to be by His side for all of your tomorrows.


So surrender everything over to Him.

Itís not giving up, or giving in.


Thatís the plan of help He has for you.

By completely trusting Him, Heís able to show you what to do.


Having faith in God will quiet and calm your soul.

Yes, thereís perfect peace in giving Him control.



                Living Chain


I reach ahead to grasp the hand

of the one who has more faith than me,

as I reach behind to grasp the hand

of the one who has less than me:

reaching ahead and reaching behind,

grasping the hands of fellow mankind,

a living chain of Christians, one by one.

Picture the awesome work being done.

God is our faithful leader, as faith is passed down,

like stair steps from cloud to cloud to ground.

On our way to Heaven, our eternal home,

each of us needs the other, because no one can do it alone.



                 Judgement Day


Are you prepared for Judgement Day,

when Jesus comes to take His children away,


out of a world thatís lost the meaning of love,

gathering them into Heaven above?


Receive Jesus into your heart, into your life.

Allow Him to forgive your sins, to end your strife.


Every soul is deeply loved and cherished,

for He desires that no one would perish.


God is coming to judge the wicked and evil of mankind.

Will you be safely in Heaven or will you be left behind?



             Iím Amazed


Iím amazed at the work

You are doing in my lifeó

things I would never have thought of,

not even twice.

Iím someone who has

turned my back on You so many times.

But You never gave up on me.

Now see how my light shines,

shining for everyone to see

what You, precious Jesus, have done for me.

I stand in awe with astonished eyes

at the power You have in all our lives.

I bow and kneel in reverent praise,

joyfully embracing this love all my days.




We hope you enjoyed the poems by Mimi Crawford. To help you in your decision to purchase Psalms from My Soul for $7.99, below are the Contents and the ďAbout the PoetĒ pages.





Foreword   5

Dedications   6

Life Brand New   7

Anger in Me   8

Iím Amazed   9

Love Set Me Free   10

Salvation Story   11

Holy Spirit   12

Precious Jesus   13

My Secret Hiding Place   14

Floods   15

The Love of Jesus   16

Sea of Trouble   17

Holy Words   18

Godís Love   19

Jewels in Jesus   20

Father, How I Love You   21

My Life with Jesus   22

Wings   23

That NameóJesus   24

Sing Praises   25

Proclaim   26

Seeking Godís Heart   27

Prayer   28

Our Lord the King   29

Shout and Sing   30

Gifts of Prayer   31

Trust and Faith   32

Godís Creation   33

Changes   34

Faithful   35

Living Chain   36

Grace   37

Love of the Lord   38

Healing Powers Flow   39

Our Fatherís Lap of Love   40

Rest   41

Sweet Surrender   42

Living Water   43

Sisters Bound by Grace   44

Calls Us His Own   45

Warriors   46

Live   47

Refugees   48

Holy Boy Was Born   49

Heavenís Rainbows   50

The Greatest Gift   51

Glory Bound   52

No More Tears to Cry   53

Making Our Way towards Heavenís Door   54

War for Souls   55

Wedding   56

Judgement Day   57



                   ABOUT THE POET


Mimi Crawford was born in Brookfield, Ohio, and moved when she was 20 years old to Amarillo, Texas, where she met her loving husband, Dave. They raised two beautiful daughters, Selena and December. 

In 1999, when this book was published, Mimi is a member of San Jacinto Baptist Church, where she participates in the Benevolence, Banner, Prayer, and Womenís Ministries. She also enjoys being a member of the choir and the womenís Bible study group, Jewels in Jesus, taught by Lynda Hunter. Today, Mimi is one of the staff members at the church. 

Mimi greatly enjoys writing poetry, especially when she can simultaneously glorify the Lord. She is a faithful member of the Amarillo Chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive!

ďI always enjoyed writing but never dreamed of seriously pursuing it. My life as a wife and mother were more fulfilling, more satisfying. It also left no time or money to do such a thing. Then in April of 1997 I rededicated my life to Jesus. In May of 1998 I began writing for the Lord.

ďI was in awe at the flow and beauty of the words I had written. I had no doubts that it was a gift from God. Iíd awake in the middle of the night with words repeating over and over in my mind, or from a dream so vivid I was compelled to describe it with words on paper.

ďAs I began sharing this poetry, I was asked to create a book. I prayed, ĎLord is this dream possible? What purpose could it serve?í I believe He answered me by saying, ĎMy children need to be encouraged. Take your dream and run with it.í

ďI never understood Ďrun with ití until the dream of this book became a reality in only a year.

ďWhat an awesome God we serve!Ē


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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)