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Finicky Eaters


While preparing our Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and dressing, potatoes and gravy, salad, with pumpkin and pecan pies, the thought came to me, “What if the family came to the dinner table and only took a few bites of the turkey and ate nothing else?” I would feel pretty unhappy after all the trouble I took to fix an extra nice meal for them.


Then came another thought. Could this be compared to the preparation that God went to for our salvation, our healing, our deliverance, our forgiveness, our protection, safety, peace, energy, rescue, help, welfare, victory, and eternal life? What, if we sat down at God’s table, and said, “I’ll have a little salvation, just enough to get me to Heaven, but I really don’t want anything else, thank You.”?


If I were in God’s place, not only would I feel that my “family” was ungrateful, but that they were just plain stupid.


Our Heavenly Father prepared for us a sacrifice, His Son, Who, by shedding His blood on a cross, provided for us everything we would ever need in this life on earth. Are we partaking of His Thanksgiving Feast? We weren’t put on this earth to live a life of sadness, poverty, helplessness, unhappiness, or sickness. Our God is a loving Father. He made this earth for us.


Jesus said, “I have come that they (that’s us!) might have life and have it more abundantly.” He guides us into all truth through His Word, the Bible. Continuing in it nurtures our growth. May we partake of all He has promised us.


Dear Father, thank You for Your Word and for Your promises to us. May we not be finicky eaters, but seek all You have provided. We thank and praise You for what You have done through Christ Jesus. Amen.



Break Through the Roof


These were desperate men. The Lord Jesus was in the house but the four friends couldn’t get the palsied man inside. The place was so crowded they resorted to the roof, so they could lower their friend down to Jesus for healing. That took effort on the part of these four men. The “outer shell” of the house had to be broken.


The disabled man had to agree to the steps that were taken to lower him into the presence of Jesus. If we named the four friends who carried the invalid to the roof, could “Belief” and “Faith” have been the ones leading the way? “Humility” must have ripped off the tile of pride and “Love” cast off fear.           


Recognizing our weaknesses and sins proves to be difficult for many of us. Sometimes pride and unbelief stand in the way of victory. Whatever hindrances there are must first be identified. After confessing our shortcomings and sins and after exercising our faith in what Jesus can do for us, the “tiles of the roof” will come off quickly as we enter into His presence.


Dear Father, help us identify hindrances in our lives that keep us from having victory in Jesus. Thank You for our breakthroughs as we come to You. Amen.



About the Author


Ruth Nichols is a freelance writer, having contributed to the, Amarillo Globe-News, The Beacon (Durango, Colorado),,, and various church newsletters. She won first place in the Texas Inspirational Writers Alive contest for devotions in 2006. After retiring from twenty years of teaching young people, she began in earnest to write devotional material. Her 365-day devotional book is nearly ready to publish.


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I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it

more abundantly. John 10:10b


And when they could not come nigh unto Him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay. Mark 2:4