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Since our start in 1993 we have released more than thirty works. Here are most of our current paperback titles and e-books. Excerpts from some of these can be viewed at Writings to Read.




Looking for something different in the way of devotionals? Here it is!


Winner’s Wisdom — Eight-Week Devotional Using Poetry and Journaling to Express the Real You


By John Schmidt


Winner’s Wisdom is a two-month devotional using a combination of poetry, Bible verses, and prose commentary, which encourages Christians everywhere to realize their full potential and incorporate a balance between left brain and right brain activity. 


From the introduction…

This book is not intended to give all the answers about wisdom or life in general because the answers to your questions are mostly inside you already. You will never be fully satisfied by accepting only the answers that other people supply. You have a Spirit inside who is your true Self, and the outworking of spiritual energies is the only way you can ever be happy. Of course, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Father God are part of your true eternal Self. Once you allow them to exist in your space rather than worldly affairs, you will be blessed beyond your current imagination.


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ISBN-13: 978-1533097415 / ISBN-10: 1533097410

Rock Solid Concrete Poems

Art Poems for the Heart



For lovers of art, life, or poetry!


By John Schmidt


From the introduction:                          

This collection of concrete poems offers free expression to the imagination, entertaining readers of all ages. These art poems are truly for the heart, creating a satisfying emotional response while titillating the mind and expanding the soul.


Praise reports…


“The poems are beautiful, not only in words but in design.”

“‘Washington Visited’ is excellent.”


John Schmidt, the author of more than a dozen works, has created one of his most fun books, gathering poems written in the last fifteen years!


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ISBN-13: 978-1500915926 / ISBN-10: 1500915920




Friends Forever,

You and God


 A Coloring Book for Adults and Children


Story by John Schmidt with

Illustrations by P. Lacey Maillett


This book is a colorful way to relax. Enjoy the delightful illustrations by P. Lacey Maillett and the soothing storyline where a loving grandfather explains the many aspects of love to his two grandchildren and asks for their love to include him. Children and their caregivers can color along together as they share precious times with each other.


John Schmidt and P. Lacey Maillett have created an enduring work that will bring many hours a pleasure to adults and children everywhere.


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ISBN-13: 978-1517067106 / ISBN-10: 1517067103



Saving America Now

 The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition

By Ron Slover

Most Americans are concerned about their country’s current condition and future. Successful businessman, historian, and political expert, Ron Slover has put years of work into Saving America Now — The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition. From the back cover: 


When compared with the total period of time in which America has existed as a nation, seven years is a very small fraction of our history, yet much has occurred since the publication of The Buffet Syndrome. Saving America Now updates important events, politics, economic trends, and the very real danger facing Americans. 

Saving America Now, by Ron Slover, is only $9.99, 178 pages, available at

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ISBN-13: 978-1502893178; ISBN-10: 1502893177

Author is available for radio talk shows and other engagements. 

To order books or contact the author, email him at; send mail to 4000 Julie, Amarillo, Texas 79109; or call (806) 358-9280. Make checks payable to Ron Slover. Postage is $3.50 for the first book and 75 cents for each additional. Texans need to add sales tax of 8.25 percent ($14.60 for one copy).

Click here for a few of the hard-hitting comments from the book and author biographies…




My Return to the Future, 2350

Our Next Great Civilization Revealed 


By John Schmidt


A Prophetic and Entertaining Nonfiction Paperback That Reads Like Fiction!


From the introduction:

What if you could visit life on Earth in the year 2350? Because our future is based on probabilities, I believe that our future is at least somewhat knowable. And I also believe in divine revelation, that God is alive and wants to show us a wonderful new civilization that can be built in the next hundred years. This way, we can be optimistic about our future no matter what is currently happening in the world.


What you will gain from this book…

• Peace of mind — far less worry about the current world because you know that a new day is dawning in the history of mankind.

• Amazing ideas about new technologies and ways of living that are not available from any other source.

• A spiritual revelation in which you will see that marvelous human growth is very possible.


 Click here for information about the author, where to purchase the book, three excellent editorial reviews, excerpts, and marvelous new technologies revealed!



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Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories —

Collected Stories


Helen Luecke


Most of the stories have been published in our nation’s outstanding magazines and three in Chicken Soup for the Soul editions. Read a collection of stories that took a lifetime to write, stories about the lifetime of a delightful person, Helen Luecke. Sometimes funny, often tear-wrenching, always insightful, the stories will entertain you and inspire you to be a greater person than you ever thought you could be.




“Tear-jerking and laughter impelling...few life stories can match the criteria this book displays. Upon completion, you, too, will be motivated to record your own personal memories in hopes of inspiring and encouraging others.” — Donna Smith, retired secondary/university English and literature instructor, former editor and publisher of the inspirational ezine, Victory Herald. Her works have appeared in 6th Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mature Living, Guideposts, The Writer, Christian Communicator, and many others. Mother of four, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of seven.


Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories — Collected Stories is now available for $11.99, paperback, through PayPal shopping cart at or  

☼ Author available for interviews, articles, and engagements.

ISBN: 978-1480262379; bookstore locations: Inspirational, Biography, Christian.


To order books from the author, email her at

Hymns for Our Lord

Original Works to Uplift and Lead


Anna McAnear


With Added Arrangements by Phil Spray


From the Foreword by Alan A. Wilson, Pastor of the

First Baptist Church, White Deer, Texas


Anna McAnear has utilized her talent in this collection of songs to express a journey of faith and grace that will hopefully help others along life’s journey as they draw closer to the Father. As you look through this collection of songs you will find music that testifies to God’s faithfulness in times of trouble as well as music that praises God for His grace and mercy. Whether you use these songs as an aid in personal worship times or implement them in times of corporate worship, I know that you will be blessed.

It is with great humility and honor that I wholeheartedly recommend this collection of sacred songs. May God’s blessings and comfort shower down upon you as you use this resource for His glory and honor. Music is the heartbeat and rhythm in our worship to the Father. May your heart beat strong and your rhythm smooth as you praise God with the wonderful music contained in this collection.


Hymns for Our Lord ― Original Works to Uplift and Lead can be purchased for $12.99 through PayPal shopping cart at or  

☼ Bookstore locations: Music, Christian. ISBN: 978-1480144095.

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Forty Tips for

Church Growth


A how-to guide for practical expansion


By John Schmidt



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Also a e-book for the same price, though with a different cover.


To purchase, go to this link:



The foreword by Dr. Tom C. Fuller, General Evangelist for the United Methodist Church:


My friend John Schmidt has assembled a practical and usable list of ideas that will work in any church whose members love the Lord and will focus their efforts on winning people for Christ. John’s many years as a Christian author and his commitment to the Lord make this compilation of creative ideas realistic and workable. I recommend that you study carefully and use the inspired information in this little book!


Dr. Fuller served as a pastor for over thirty years, growing one church from under 100 to over 300 in four years. Since 2006, when he went into church reform full-time, he has traveled extensively ― preaching, teaching, singing, and presenting The John Wesley Adventure, which describes Wesley’s life and his balanced, biblical beliefs. He has written ten books and holds numerous degrees and credits.



This is from one promo...


Many of us are asking how we can grow our churches and reach the lost. This little book has imaginative, practical, and mostly inexpensive ideas that will help you grow your church into what you want it to be.



Our two most popular poetry releases:


C:\Users\John\Pictures\The_Worth_of_Mirth_Cover_for_Kindle (2).jpg


The Worth of Mirth


Poetry for Those Who Love to Laugh, and Those Who Need To


Marianne McNeil Logan


Winner of more than 2,000 contest awards, including national and international competitions, Marianne McNeil Logan has produced her first autobiographical book. From her early years on a ranch in South Dakota, through years of diligently writing poems and expanding poetry groups in the Panhandle of Texas, to later years of extraordinary quality in her rhyming lines as she accumulates lifetime awards, this book of humor and heart-felt feelings is now ready for your enjoyment. Here is a sample…



Mall Musing


Designer jeans and cowboy boots

            and see-through mesh t-shirts,

long pony tails and frizz-permed locks

            of fads that run in spurts,

gold necklaces and pierced earrings

            make parents apprehensive.

To raise a son these modern days

            gets more and more expensive.




“This is a book you won’t be able to put down once you start. You’ll smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud at the hilarious poems, all actual events.”Helen Luecke, the co-founder of the Amarillo Chapter of Inspirational Writers Alive!, a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and the author of Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories—Collected Stories.


The Worth of Mirth is now available for $12.99, paperback, through PayPal at or books.

Author available for interviews, articles, and engagements.

ISBN: 978-1480007871; bookstore locations: humor, poetry.





One of our best-selling paperbacks, Cream for Your Coffee ― A collection of prayer poetry is a collection of devotional poetry written from the perspective of an adventurer who experiences both the mountains and valleys of life. Wife, mother, teacher of children for 32 years, inspirational speaker, and Life Coach for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International, Sherrill Schlimpert has an extraordinary passion for seeking the Lord’s presence. $11.99, 5½ x 8½ paperback, 72 pages; e-book, $7.00. ISBN 978-1-891774-15-7.See her personal page at



Other poetry releases:


Moments in Mourning A guide to the healing of grief. A survivor after losing a mate of 42 years, Marianne McNeil Logan, a well-known rhyming poet, gently leads the reader through unexpected stages of losing a loved one and into the light, discovering a new life is still possible. Winner of over 1,000 contest awards, her accolades are legion. Celebration for Sonneteers and Moments in Mourning have both been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This wonderful book is only $7.99 ― 4¼ x 7 (purse size), 68 pages. ISBN 978-1-891774-08-9. Now a Kindle eBook for the same price go to


A Look at Life, by Raymond Mears, $9.99. Raymond had a successful country band before coming to the Lord. Now he devotes his life to Jesus and creative service. Enjoy these poems and song lyrics, as so many others have!


Daily the Sky Shifts ― Descriptive poetry for the soul. Ruth Mark was the winner of Path Publishing’s 2006 Internet Poetry Contest. A psychologist, freelance writer, poet, and editor with a long list of publications, she lives in The Netherlands where she teaches undergraduates about the workings of the brain. In Daily the Sky Shifts she brings to life her beloved Ireland, and her adopted lands (The Netherlands and France), in her unique, descriptive style as she spiritually grows within. $9.99, 5½ x 8½, 72 pages; e-book, $7.00. ISBN 978-1-891774-16-4.


Clouds of Lavender — Inspirational Poems and Prayers, by Jeannie Diazio “…reaches out over oceans of universal space to light up the mind of the truth seeker” — Michael Levy, author, poet and lecturer ( $11.99, 5-½ x 8-½ paperback, ISBN 978-1-891774-06-5.   

Thoughts, Notions, and Feelings — Love Poetry, for the Love of Life and the Love of My Life by Dick McWhorter, from a poet with a heart as big as Texas! One testimonial: “I have read many of Richard’s poems and have enjoyed them all. He has a unique way of looking at things that opens one’s eyes to a new and different perspective.” — Sherri Garcia, Assistant Director of Technology Services at Dalhart ISD, mother of five, with poems published in anthologies. $11.99, 5-½ x 8-½ paperback. ISBN 978-1-891774-23-2. See his personal page at  

Psalms from My Soul, by Mimi Crawford, $7.99. Poems that will inspire your walk with the Lord.


For a Brighter Tomorrow — Poetry of a Lifetime, by John D. Powers, compiled by Robert Powers in loving memory of his dad. Strong poems from a strong man, yet sensitive to the needy and to the women of his life, John Powers expresses life to the fullest in his poems of dynamic humility. “These remarkable poems were written by a workingman who understood life with all its trials and its pleasures. They reveal the depth of his understanding of our heartaches and the need for giving kindness to others by being a friend to all. He had the courage to work, to love, and to influence others by his ‘value of life’s measures,’ and encouraging all to sometimes give so that others might go on living. He died relatively young in a car crash, but his experiences led to the words that help others realize the value of love and understanding, and to make our tomorrows brighter” — Johnie J. Lowrance, author and mother of three. $9.99, 5½ x 8½ paperback, ISBN 978-1-891774-06-5.



Other titles:


More nonfiction: Safari Doctor ― Life and Adventures of a Texas Wildlife Park Veterinarian by Dr. Joe Cannon. $18.99, 9 x 6, with dozens of photos. Highly praised, a great read for anyone seeking adventure or curious about exotic animals. An autobiography that reads like exciting fiction, this came from one testimonial: "a heartwarming, enlightening, and sometimes terrifying story.”


Dissolve Fat and Eliminate Cellulite! by Dr. Gerald Parker, $11.99. This practical guide will help you lose weight by giving you common-sense advice and an introduction to Mesotherapy, a revolutionary new technique that is painless and effective. Over 200 qualified Mesotherapy doctors are listed in an appendix. Tens of thousands sold.


CUZS ― A Collection of Memories by Russ McLeland is a remarkable autobiography of a young man’s courage and determination in the face of physical challenges ― and the family who stood by him. Unedited so Russ can tell his story and the reader can fully feel it. Limited first edition, $20.00 (tax included).


Giving to Yourself and Letting Happiness Happen, by John Schmidt, $6.99, leads a person who is depressed, and possibly having thoughts of suicide, back to happiness ASAP!


Christian nonfiction: Let’s Grow Up!, by Dr. Tom Fuller, $13.99, will explain the Christian path and encourage you to follow Jesus in an extreme and compromising world.


Stand for Your Man, by Cindy Cox, $6.99, helps a woman stand by her man, and walk with the Lord, through all circumstances.


Children’s books by John Schmidt ― buy all three for $12.00: You and God Together, Friends Forever is a marvelous introduction to the concept of God, how we know He is love, how we know He is real. $6.00.


In John Schmidt’s first book for children, Mr. Turtle’s Award, Mr. Turtle wins an award from the Animal Academy Awards because of his love for the other animals; that love leads Mr. Wolf, who is loved least by the animals, to develop a better appreciation of his own self-worth. This limited first edition is only $6.00.


Two Stories for Children — Betty Blooper Is Super! and Hands Holding Heaven by John Schmidt, encourages a child to acquire a positive self-image and overcome the fear of death by the love of God. This limited first edition is bilingual, English and Spanish. $6.00. Now a Kindle eBook for only $2.99 go to



Path E-books: Daily the Sky Shifts ― Descriptive poetry for the soul, by Ruth Mark, is $7.00. See book description above.


Cream for Your Coffee ― A collection of prayer poetry by Sherrill Schlimpert is $7.00. See book description above. Also an Amazon Kindle eBook for the same price. 


Tom Kraeuter gives real answers about how Christians can walk in true biblical unity in If Standing Together Is So Great, Why Do We Keep Falling Apart? From one of the book’s promotions: “This book promises an awful lot! Tom contends that the Church in America is missing much of the power of God because we are not walking in unity. In this book he vows not only to give us a vision for walking in unity but specific steps to do it.” $8.00.


The first two printings of Ridin’ for the Brand and Other Verses by Buck Wehrbein sold out, but for $4.00 we offer it as an e-book. As this popular cowboy poet says, “The purpose of this book is to lift up Jesus and glorify God. I held the pen, but the Holy Ghost did the writing.”


To order, click on Shopping Cart, or write to Path Publishing, 4302 W. 51st #121, Amarillo, Texas 79109-6159. Postage is $3.50 for the first item and 75 cents for each additional. As for e-books, we will email them to you for free or mail a CD for $3.50. Several works can fit on one CD, of course.

Texas residents need to add 8.25 percent sales tax, but Cuzs includes tax for Texans. (We did that to help Russ in his sales work.)

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