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Items Sold by Path Publishing, Most Published by Path Publishing



Nonfiction: Winner’s Wisdom — Eight-Week Devotional Using Poetry and Journaling to Express the Real You, by John Schmidt, $8.99.


Saving America Now — The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition, by Ron Slover, $9.99.



My Return to the Future, 2350 Our Next Great Civilization Revealed, by John Schmidt, $9.99.  



Friends Forever, You and God — A Coloring Book for Adults and Children, by John Schmidt, $5.50. 


Life’s Journeys Become Twilight Memories — Collected Stories, by Helen Luecke, $11.99.

Hymns for Our Lord ― Original Works to Uplift and Lead, by Anna McAnear, $12.99.


Forty Tips for Church Growth ― A how-to guide for practical expansion, by John Schmidt, $4.99.


My Visit to the Kingdom of God — An In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision, by John Schmidt, $13.99.

Safari Doctor ― Life and Adventures of a Texas Wildlife Park Veterinarian, by Dr. Joe Cannon, $18.99.  

Dissolve Fat and Eliminate Cellulite! by Dr. Gerald Parker, $11.99.

CUZS ― A Collection of Memories, by Russ McLeland. Limited first edition, $20.00 (tax included).


Give   Giving to Yourself and Letting Happiness Happen, by John Schmidt, $6.99.


Let’s Grow Up! by Dr. Tom Fuller, $13.99.


Stand for Your Man, by Cindy Cox, $6.99.  




Fiction: The Lion Princess — Journey to an Awakening, by John Schmidt, $12.95.  



Heroes, Angels and Miracles ― Eleven Uplifting Stories from Around the World for Youths, by John Schmidt, $20.00.



Poetry: Rock Solid Concrete Poems — Art Poems for the Heart, by John Schmidt, $7.99. 


The Worth of Mirth ― Poetry for Those Who Love to Laugh, and Those Who Need To, by Marianne McNeil Logan, $12.99.


Daily the Sky Shifts ― Descriptive poetry for the soul, by Ruth Mark, $9.99.


Thoughts, Notions, and Feelings ― Love Poetry, for the Love of Life and the Love of My Life by Dick McWhorter, $11.99.

Clouds of Lavender — Inspirational Poems and Prayers, by Jeannie Diazio, $11.99.



For a Brighter Tomorrow — Poetry of a Lifetime, by John D. Powers, compiled by Robert Powers, $9.99.



Moments in Mourning A guide to the healing of grief, by Marianne McNeil Logan, $7.99. Now a Kindle eBook for the same pricego to


Cream for Your Coffee, by Sherrill Schlimpert, $11.99.



A Look at Life, by Raymond Mears, third edition $9.99.




Children's books: Daniel Goes to the Dentist, by Gena Gilbert, $5.99.

You and God Together, Friends Forever, $6.00


Mr. Turtle’s Award. This limited first edition is only $6.00.



Two Stories for Children — Betty Blooper Is Super! and Hands Holding Heaven ― $6.00. Now a Kindle eBook for only $2.99 go to


Collection on CD: The Collected Works of John Schmidt (Second Edition), $14.99.






So far, we have published several Kindle e-books and one e-book. Most of these are listed on the front page of this website. The e-books listed below are in-house e-books, pdf files of manuscripts which can be emailed to you easily and will be sent promptly, usually within 24 hours on weekdays or on Monday following a weekend. They will be in Adobe® Reader® pdf files. If you do not have a version of Adobe® Reader®, download at no charge from


Daily the Sky Shifts ― Descriptive poetry for the soul, e-book by Ruth Mark, $7.00.



Cream for Your Coffee, e-book by Sherrill Schlimpert, $7.00. If you have a Kindle, or have it downloaded onto your computer, you can order it for the same price at



If Standing Together Is So Great, Why Do We Keep Falling Apart? e-book by Tom Kraeuter, $8.00.



Ridin’ for the Brand and Other Verses, by Buck Wehrbein, $4.00.


Dove of the Cove, by Catherine Cox and Jennifer Evans, $5.00.




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