Writings to Read


Read the Contents and Introduction from My Visit to the Kingdom of God — An In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision, by John Schmidt. Good news of a wonderful new world directly on the horizon, after a few years of further chaos. This is not pie-in-the-sky or rambling imagination, but a true vision of our future, if we allow it to happen. As a reviewer said to the author in a telephone conversation, “The Kingdom of God — you have been there!” 

"Mesotherapy for Easier Weight Loss" ― excerpts from Dissolve Fat and Eliminate Cellulite! by Dr. Gerald Parker. Losing weight, especially spot-fat reduction, does not have to be terribly hard or impossible! Over 26,000 copies sold!





Two short, inspirational articles by Ruth Nichols.





Thoughts, Notions, and FeelingsLove Poetry, for the Love of Life and the Love of My Life, by Dick McWhorter. Poems and so much more at his personal home site: www.pathpublishing.com/dm.


Poems from Moments in Mourning — A guide to the healing of grief, by Marianne McNeil Logan.

Several poems from A Look at Life in memory of poet, singer, and songwriter, Raymond Mears.

Several poems from Cream for Your Coffee by Sherrill Schlimpert. Now in paperback!

Seven poems from Psalms from My Soul by Mimi Crawford.

Several poems from Ridin’ for the Brand and Other Verses by Buck Wehrbein, cowboy poet. Buck has passed away, but we are keeping this at our site in his honor. 



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My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1