Note of Warning


By John Schmidt


I became disturbed recently when I heard a pastor say that the government may soon require Americans to receive a computer implant in their hand or forehead. I have not verified this information, but the source has been mostly reliable in the past.

The reasoning, supposedly, is so that our medical records can be easily obtained if an individual is found unconscious. I really don’t understand. There are many other ways to provide medical data without a physical implant.

Please be advised that if you allow the government to implant your body they can, by satellite technology, follow your movements anywhere in the world 24-7. If you walk across your bedroom floor, they would know it.

Understand also that if the government ever determines that you are a threat to national security, or simply too much trouble to keep alive, they can kill you within seconds.

Third, according to the Bible, by placing the “mark of the Beast” in your body, you are making a spiritual statement that you prefer to follow the ways of the world even if you are putting your eternal soul in jeopardy.

If you desire confirmation, please read “Revelation,” the last book in the Bible.

By the way, if you do not receive the “mark of the Beast,” and you lose your life for the Name of Jesus, you will indeed be able to go to Heaven, which is a very real place. And you can later live in the Kingdom of God, our next great civilization, which will be starting in just a few years.

If you would like to read an accurate description of what the Kingdom of God will be like, please purchase a copy of My Return to the Future, 2350 Our Next Great Civilization Revealed. It can be purchased through the PayPal shopping cart at this site.

Losing your life now and giving up this old world of chaos, destruction, and sorrow is well worth the future benefits, I assure you.


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For He shall give His angels charge over you,

to keep you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11