My Return to the Future, 2350

Our Next Great Civilization Revealed 


A Prophetic and Entertaining Nonfiction Paperback That Reads Like Fiction!


From the introduction:

What if you could visit life on Earth in the year 2350? Because our future is based on probabilities, I believe that our future is at least somewhat knowable. And I also believe in divine revelation, that God is alive and wants to show us a wonderful new civilization that can be built in the next hundred years. This way, we can be optimistic about our future no matter what is currently happening in the world.


What you will gain from this book…

• Peace of mind — far less worry about the current world because you know that a new day is dawning in the history of mankind.

• Amazing ideas about new technologies and ways of living that are not available from any other source.

• A spiritual revelation in which you will see that marvelous human growth is very possible. 



About the Author


John Schmidt, the author of more than a dozen works,

is available for radio shows and other events.


With forty years in creative writing, My Return to the Future, 2350 is John’s sixteenth published book, with additional Kindle eBooks. Several of his books are available at Amazon.com and other retailers. As the editor of Path Publishing, he has released the works of twenty authors and given more than 285 free consultations to beginning and more advanced writers. He has penned more than 3,000 poems.



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See below for three editorial reviews, excerpts from the book, and marvelous new technologies revealed!

Schmidt writes a brave and uplifting book that would interest those who think about Biblical prophecies, those who are curious about the future of humanity, and those who look for hope for our personal and spiritual development, and a better Earth that flourishes in keeping with its Creator’s intentions. —Hilary Hawkes, Readers’ Favorite

Very well thought out and will open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Refreshing, a creative, first-person assessment of what the human future could entail in 300 years. —Sierra Klein, A Simple Taste for Reading

What if you could visit life on Earth in 2350? Author John Schmidt uses this idea as a starting point to discuss divine revelation, to explore a vision of possibilities surrounding a wonderful new approach to civilization’s evolution, and to present the notion that a new day is dawning for mankind. The book provides a creative, first-person assessment of what the human future could entail in 300 years. —California Bookwatch


A few excerpts from the book…

Once inside the [flying] car Traon said, “I think you noticed that in every part of the [food creation process at the Food Center] there was light. Scientists in your day, including Einstein, were just beginning to understand the marvelous qualities of light. We have had over 300 years since then to examine more of its qualities and its intelligence. Your scientists, perhaps all of your people, did not think of light as having intelligence, but we do. We have found that light contains the blueprint for Creation itself, and can predict what our future will be.” 

Traon explained. “I told Henry [the house computer] you are going to spend the night, and he grew a room for you.”

I was amazed that the house could expand in that short of time….I asked, “How can a house grow that fast?”

Traon smiled. “The house, Henry included, is a living being, or as close as any mechanized creation can be. It has the ability to adapt itself to new circumstances, like a human being. Okay, it may not have a soul exactly like we do, but it’s as close as it can be.” 

[During my experience at the Transition Center,] I was spiritually lifted up. There was a physical body down there somewhere, but I didn’t care anymore. I was lifted into a space of intense light, where there were no limits in any direction. It was as if all light in the universe was centered on this space, yet at the same time this space was everywhere in the universe. As I had been released from time a few minutes before, I was now being released from space. I was also being released from logic; from time sequencing; from all ideas of past, present, future; from all wants, needs, sorrows — everything was being formulated into a perfect example of peace. The experience required me to do absolutely nothing except love it. So I did. 

[After the angel finished his lecture on kindness,] he placed one of his sensitive, strong hands on my shoulder. “We are never separated, not in our common fourth dimension or in any other. You and I, my friend, were together before Earth was born and we will be doing good work long after Earth was.”

He took both of my hands in his, and bowed his head. “Father, whatever John’s family and friends and country go through in that day, let them forever be comforted by Your presence. And let no soul perish by a lack of discrimination — but let every one be aware of the need for kindness toward all others, even though their world might be rapidly changing. Let them become knowledgeable, very sure in their souls, that this glorious Kingdom awaits all who are patient and kind. Amen.”

He looked up. His eyes met mine. “Tell your people, John, that I give this assurance: God will make the Kingdom a reality to any who but believes.” He let go my hands, smiled one last time, and disappeared.

[At the open-air concert on the evening of my second day, as I lay on the grass] I relaxed. I felt all the tension leave my body. It was like I was also letting go any residual tension from my former life. I felt a supreme joy from hearing the music and being around those people. I felt a camaraderie with the whole Kingdom, the love of Heaven descending and surrounding us all….

In this quiet state I heard one of my favorite pieces of all time, one of Bach’s hymns. The peace within that music took me to an even higher state. In my Spirit I traveled far above that physical setting, quite literally into one of the higher planes of Heaven. I looked about me. I intuitively knew that this heavenly state had been united with physical existence below. And I understood that as humankind continued to grow, there would be little separation between the two worlds for most people….

Beyond that, I very clearly beheld the three-dimensional love of God, felt the life energy that He supplies me with every day in order to have a human existence. Simultaneously, I somehow understood that He was now going to increase that energy so I could do more good.

He was going to allow me to never again physically die.

He was going to allow me to move myself anywhere on this planet that I wanted to go to by thinking myself there. And if I wanted to, I could travel beyond this planet, within reason. The bounds of that travel would be known later.

He was going to allow me to see everything in my long past and my distant future, according to probabilities now in existence.

He was going to show me every aspect of myself. I thought I already knew a great deal about that, but there was more to learn. For example, He was going to improve my character. I believed that the time would come when I simply could not say anything unkind. Perhaps not even think anything unkind.

I could look at a pathetic human being, who had made tons of mistakes, who thought himself unworthy of any love or grace, and say to him, “I offer you a new life. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce you a new person if you will but believe on Him.”

And I could further say to that little human being, “I was once like you. I was lost. I hurt others and I was hurt. And sometimes I wanted to hurt them because they had hurt me. But once I realized that it was a cycle of energy that I had to break, with the help of Jesus, I did turn the other cheek. I let them hurt me and I did not retaliate. Other humans thought I was a fool, but I freed my soul from that vicious cycle of pain.”

And then, I could reach out with my arms and enfold that little human being and shed tears that would fall on his neck. And he would hug me. And he would also cry.

I saw that experience multiplied a thousand times. Every day I or someone like me would reach out their arms to a hurting human being. That would be my new life. I would have to give up human existence, with all of its joys and sorrows, in order to visit hurting human beings.

And I said, “Yes, that is the new life I want.” 


Technological advances revealed in the book…

Antigravitational cars are monitored by an international flight system, enabling them to travel around the world in a single day; at low altitudes, if a bird or another craft were to strike a car, which is highly unlikely, they would simply bounce off without injury.

 Most homes are monitored by a house computer called an information center (IC), which is linked to all the other computers within the Kingdom of God, and thus able to supply educational needs for Citizens far beyond 21st century capabilities.

 Space travel is widespread in our solar system; the means of travel are by antigravitational cars and by mind elevated in spiritual consciousness. Spiritual travel to Heaven is frequent for most Citizens.

 Food is created from basic mineral building blocks, bypassing plants and animals. The dietary needs of Citizens are monitored by the computers that control their homes, which factor in taste preferences and hereditary information.

 People eat and think properly; they expect to live 200 years or longer.

 Women no longer have to physically give birth to children. They can if they wish, but almost all women use the facilities of a Birth Center, which is a large room with hundreds of birthing bubbles. When a husband and wife desire to have a child, their seeds are placed in a bubble; their names and photographs are attached outside. If a Spirit chooses them for parents, the baby begins to grow and the parents pick it up a few months later.

 The Kingdom and its network of city-states is a pure democracy; computers enable Citizens to be knowledgeable of and vote for every new law. Since they are spiritually advanced and able to rule themselves, they do not need to rely on representative democracy.

 Citizens finish their meals with prune-like desserts, which clean their teeth. When later swallowed with water, the desserts aid in the digestive system.

 Citizens take showers in a light bath, not needing water.

 Hand scanners monitor economic transactions. City-states do not suffer economic depressions or even recessions. Everything that might be economically inflationary has been removed from the system.

 War is no more. Conflict between city-states is unthinkable, and people living outside the Kingdom have been shown by advanced technology that aggression toward another nation always leads to the aggressor’s destruction.

 The arts flourish, with technology often in the mix. Not only can every information center be used for simple drawings or color illustrations, but an artist can have in the studio a large screen on which two-dimensional, or even three-dimensional representations, can be created, then saved like any computer file.


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