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The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition


Most Americans are concerned about their country’s current condition and future. Successful businessman, historian, and political expert, Ron Slover has put years of work into Saving America Now — The Buffet Syndrome Expanded Edition. From the back cover: 

When compared with the total period of time in which America has existed as a nation, seven years is a very small fraction of our history, yet much has occurred since the publication of The Buffet Syndrome. Saving America Now updates important events, politics, economic trends, and the very real danger facing Americans.

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Just a few of the hard-hitting comments from the book…

About the EPA: Why does this agency almost declare war on private property owners? Through the years we have witnessed the totally insane decisions made to “protect” our environment….Has it ever occurred to our bureaucrats that there is one other threatened species? That being, the owners of private lands in America. 

About the trend toward more and more bureaucracy: If there’s any one thing the American people have become considerably more aware of in recent years, it’s the expansion of the federal bureaucracy. There has been plenty of expansion of power, whether it’s legal or not, by numerous agencies. In many cases that radical increase in control by various agencies took place even without additional congressional legislation. 

About the trend toward more entitlements in the face of increasing national debt: While we have become more aware of the unfunded liabilities we face, the fact that the number of people on food stamps has doubled, that there is no social security trust fund, that the national debt has doubled, that four of the past seven years have deficits of more than one trillion dollars, there’s now even more people that just don’t care. 

About the housing crisis of 2008: The entire world knows that in 2008 the housing disaster took place. That event wasn’t confined to just a few states, a few mortgage companies, a few banks, a few governmental entities or for that matter, even a few nations. It appeared that the housing bust came from out of nowhere to the total surprise of virtually everyone….For whatever it might be worth, the housing bust came as no surprise to me whatsoever. I knew it was coming and had written about the home financing mess in 2007. I knew what caused the problem, how it would play out, who would take the blame for it, and just how big the bust would be. 

Just how bad is it? America now has somewhere between 110 trillion and 120 trillion dollars in unfunded obligations, along with some 18 trillion dollars in debt. High inflation is on the way and it’s inevitable. 

About the rights of states: [The way things are heading,] federal authority will supersede state authority regardless of state laws. The effect will be the loss of sovereignty by states. 

About welfare: Welfare programs are totally out of control and getting worse every year. Rather than properly administering these multiple programs, we have people working within the bureaucracies that simply do everything in their power to qualify as many people as possible for whatever program or programs available. 

About how we educate our young people: There is a complete void in telling the young people of this nation about the American free-enterprise system. Our national leaders from both parties don’t talk about what made America great — the opportunities for success created by working hard, getting an education, being creative, taking responsibility, taking pride in their work and their communities, and developing self-esteem. 

About our probable future unless we act now: The America as we have known it for decades will cease to exist. Our economy will fail. Our free enterprise/capitalist system has perhaps a one in twenty-five chance of surviving. We cannot meet our obligations even if we try. Even if the entire nation and its political leadership admit to reality and try to deal with it, the odds are stacked against us. There is no way we can pay more than 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, tell tens of millions of people that all the freebies are coming to an immediate end, that the nearly 18 trillion dollar published debt will actually be paid, or in the alternative, that inflation created by printing trillions in new dollars will be avoided. 

What can be done if a few Democratic leaders have courage to act: To save our nation from a total collapse, Democrats from both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate must use unite to ensure that Americans understand the nation’s current financial position. Unless action is taken now to change the course of our nation’s future, the total collapse of the United States is the inevitable conclusion….This would be such an absolutely unique event in American politics that it would create discussions across the nation by literally millions of people from all walks of life, ethnicities, income groups, political persuasions and ages. Finally, when those DEMOCRATS are up for re-election, they would all win. America wants to hear the truth from our national politicians, even though it might be terrible news. 

Will Americans wake up in time? There are literally tens of millions of people in America who have never actually taken the time to analyze the economic status of this nation and the gigantic problems it must deal with. They have no idea that they will personally become victims of a predictable disaster.


About the Author

From listing

Ron Slover is a successful oil and gas businessman living in Texas. He started his first business at age 7, with a paper route. He is a strong believer in the free enterprise system in America. Because of his love for his country he wrote The Buffet Syndrome in 2007 and has now enlarged that book in 2014 with Saving America Now. In both books he makes an urgent plea for Americans to wake up to the situations about them and once again take control over their nation and their future. 

To order books or contact the author, email him at; send mail to 4000 Julie, Amarillo, Texas 79109; or call (806) 358-9280. Make checks payable to Ron Slover. Postage is $3.50 for the first book and 75 cents for each additional. Texans need to add sales tax of 8.25 percent ($14.60 for one copy).


About the Author

From Saving American Now


 Ron Slover’s first job was at age 7, shining shoes on the town square in Tyler, Texas. He was self-supporting by age 9 and helped his family by, among other things, cleaning yards and houses, repairing bicycles and scooters, and having a Dallas Morning News paper route. Between the ages 11 through 13, a typical day would encompass the morning paper route, school during the day, and work in a general store after school and on Saturdays.

In 1951, Ron’s family moved to Amarillo, Texas, and he continued to clean yards and houses. In his junior high school and high school years he worked for a water company, driving a commercial delivery truck by 16. In high school he joined the Diversified Education program, working from 12:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays at a discount clothing store.

Ron was also in the National Guard for two years while in high school. Joining the Air Force after graduation, he attended classes at the University of Hawaii and the University of Arizona during those four years. After being discharged, he worked for the Fort Worth and Denver Railway for more than six years, with the last two years also incorporating a part-time job in a small Panhandle town where he was a news reporter for an Amarillo television station.

Ron moved back to Amarillo and worked for the State of Texas as Taxpayer Compliance Officer, also known as a field auditor. During that time, he continued to work as a reporter in the television station’s news department on the night shift for five years. After that, he was a full-time television news reporter for six years before advancing as the station’s Director of News and Public Affairs. 

Never idle, Ron studied several years to become a licensed real estate broker and a licensed life, health, and accident insurance agent. He also attended Amarillo College at night, graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Mid-Management and later teaching a money management program to college students. Next he trained with an Amarillo stock and bond brokerage company to become a stock and commodities broker.

Ron made two unsuccessful runs for United States House of Representatives and then got involved in a battle dealing with the natural gas supply for the City of Amarillo. He elected not to run for the third time.

Forming his own general securities company while operating his stock brokerage company and being a real estate broker, Ron continued doing part‑time oil and gas leasing and financial analysis for local oil and gas companies. Deciding to work full-time as an independent oil and gas consultant, he founded an oil and gas company with two other individuals. They sold that corporation after nine years of operation.

Ron had already begun a smaller oil and gas partnership with another individual from South Dakota, which expanded with a second partner and operator living in the Oklahoma City area. He also continued to acquire oil and gas interests in his personal account.

Ron currently is a major partner in three oil and gas partnerships, a shareholder in an oil and gas corporation, owns a small oil and gas operation of his own, and owns an apartment complex and several houses in Amarillo. He owned and operated a small radio station for three years and sold it in 2005.

Ron married his childhood sweetheart, Ramona, a girl he met the first year after moving to Amarillo and who he first dated when he was 13 and she was 12. They have three wonderful children. One son works for Ron, and the other is a policeman. Their daughter is a paralegal in the Dallas area. And a grandson now works for Ron, learning the oil and gas business while completing his bachelor’s degree.

Ron decided to write this book because of his concern about how the nation seemed to be changing from a capitalist country, encouraging people to engage in free enterprise, to something less than what the Founding Fathers intended. Since this book was physically written on yellow pads by Ron himself, without the use of even a recording machine, it was time-consuming but well worth the effort. 

As to Ron’s future plans, now at age 70, they are conservative. He has managed to accomplish every goal he has set in his business life and is now in the process of paring down some of his business interests to the point that he can simply manage his personal properties, such as oil and gas, minerals, land, and real estate.

He has absolutely no plans to seek political office.

Ron is now 77. There have been a couple of changes in his life other than getting older. He continues to work hard, as he has done since age 7. Having been financially successful and in a position to make a considerable amount of money each year, Ron continues with his decision to never seek or accept any political position.

Due to health issues, he has made another decision. It really no longer serves any purpose to see how much money he can make since such a large percentage of that income goes to federal taxes. Success, in America, is despised by the federal government. Also, if a person is re consistently successful, he becomes a constant target.

He wants very much to travel with Ramona to all of the locations they envision, including more cruises. 

Finally, his last life goal is to have this book as widely read as possible so people will start thinking for themselves rather than falling for lines from self-serving politicians and bureaucrats.

To order books or contact the author, email him at, or send mail to 4000 Julie, Amarillo, Texas 79109, or call (806) 358-9280. Make checks payable to Ron Slover. The cost per book is $9.99. Postage is $3.50 for the first book and 75 cents for each additional. Texans need to add sales tax of 8.25 percent. You can request books to be autographed.

The cost per book of $9.99 is $4.00 less than the cost of the smaller The Buffet Syndrome in order to make it affordable to more people. The author and the publisher are more interested in reaching a wide audience than making a profit. This book was a labor of love to save our nation.


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