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Path Publishing, 4302 SW 51st #121, Amarillo, TX 79109 US

(806) 322-7007

From John Schmidt, author of more than two dozen works


My last two nonfiction works are garnering unusually good praise!

From Reader Views, a very respected reviewing source…


“Making Life Work for You,” written by John Schmidt, is a spiritual teaching guide to fulfilling your life's promises, gifts, and talents. The author attempts to get one to look at the deeper sides of life; what does life mean? How do you take a negative and make it a positive? And finally, understanding the perspective of Self. Hence, the title, “Making Life Work for You.” 

His various essays also go into detail concerning suicide prevention, as many people who haven't developed the skills to cope with life often commit or attempt to commit suicide. Adolescents and suicides is also discussed in great lengths, as he points out that the suicide rate for this group is on the rise. Suicides, Schmidt says, are usually committed by people who have given up hope! Lastly, he speaks about God, His son, and the Holy Spirit. He discusses how They can assist the individual to make better decisions, achieve peace, and experience tranquility. 

“Making Life Work for You” is a very wonderful mental journey. Not a journey to a place, event, or time, but an author's plea that one should search the soul if one desires “the meaning of life.” Even though the book is a spiritual work, I love the fact that it isn't preachy—which could turn off many readers. He simply attempts to ask the reader, “Are your decisions in life causing a decline in your life goals or a detriment to such goals?” 

He brings up some fascinating observations concerning how to guarantee failure, thus leaving the readers with “what not to do in life.” He eloquently details how to find hope, live in hope, and master the concept. 

“Making Life Work for You,” by John Schmidt, is well-written, clearly engaging, and an eloquently written book for either the spiritual-oriented reader or non-spiritual oriented reader. Readers will get a fairly good perspective from this book on the meaning of life and “how to make life work for you.”


5 Stars

Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views 

Published by Path Publishing 

“Making Life Work for You” is Volume 1 in the Successful Living Series.

Only $7.99 at, 134 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-25-6; ISBN-10: 1-891774-25-5 

Second, this blurb recently came in for my most recent nonfiction release…

An enjoyable read, and I really like it. Wonderful short article on “reacting.” I try to remember to “respond,” not to “react.” I also loved the commentary on the body after death. Loved the vegetarian tuna humor as well. Thanks for sharing this book with me!—Dr. Pat Tyrer, Professor of English at West Texas A&M University 

Here’s the book’s description on Amazon right now…

Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life, Volume 2 in the Successful Living Series, is an informative book on a variety of practical and spiritual topics that leads a person from the confusion of modern life into serenity, or at least a greater ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. Learn techniques for overcoming life problems while enjoying personal discovery, new ideas, the revisiting of old ideas for pleasure’s sake, and occasionally a revelation thought that might change your life.—Dr. Pat Tyrer, Professor of English at West Texas A&M University, where she teaches Creative Writing, Film Studies, and American Literature. She writes and publishes poetry, essays, and short fiction.

I worked very hard on this book for more than seven months. Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life is a bargain at $8.99 at, 130 pages, 6x9.

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-84-3; ISBN-10: 1-891774-84-0

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