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It is not easy to tell about a person’s 50-year career as a writer on a single webpage, but we will attempt to give you a short biography, his most recent titles, a description of his most praised book that contains many concrete poems, and contact data and a backlist of many of his titles.

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 A short biography from…

Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life—Short Prose Selections to Take the Mystery Out of Life

About the Author

John Schmidt has published more than two dozen works, through his publishing company, six other publishers, and ebook publishers. For more than two decades he has been the editor of Path Publishing, releasing the works of more than 20 authors. In addition, he has earned Master’s Degrees in English and in Drama; spent several years teaching college English as an adjunct professor and high school English; penned more than 4,500 poems; developed skills for writing in several genres, from nonfiction books to plays to poems to short stories; and has always encompassed a great love for creative expression and the human experience. He lives in Amarillo, Texas, and is the Membership Coordinator for the Hi-Plains Poetry Society and Inspirational Writers Alive!, Amarillo Chapter.

John Schmidt’s most recent poetry release…


Hope in a New Way

Poems for All Times

Poems of encouragement and life-purpose in order to help us get through our busy lives.

From the poet…

I created this book of special poems, hoping to help encourage people who are as busy as I am. The work is also a declaration of spiritual purpose, in that I allowed, in each poem, hope-filled guidance from my own Spirit, or the Holy Spirit.

God knows what our life plans are to be, if we will cooperate. Life can be a puzzle, but many mysteries can be revealed.

This is, above all, a book of love. Since I cannot meet all my readers in person, I can only allow my Spirit to communicate to their Spirits and minds and emotions in this way: a small book of words, which I hope will encourage each one to have hope rejuvenated, even hope beyond all which has been imagined before, hope in a new way.

Paperback is only $5.99 at, 86 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-77-5 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-77-8

Sample poems…

Mercy caught my thought—

is life worth living?—brought me 

hope in a bucket

(Poetic form: Haiku, Asian

poem about Nature)

As I Lay Down

I lay down by the side of my God.

He said, “Let me show you what I made recently.”

He touched my head and I could see from

His eyes and point of view.

An array of galaxies, in sparkling variety 

of colors, moved as if they were leaves 

on a pond blown by the wind, much faster 

than I had ever seen them move before.

“See them as I do,” He said, 

“as if children playing in a park.”

“What would it be like,” I thought, 

“to be made up of stars, and have 

galaxies as my best friends?”

“But you already are and do,”

He thought, answering me where 

I could hear. “For as you go about your day, you 

mix with human-galaxies, who are 

formed by the unions of atoms, 

who are but small stars.”

I smiled at the thought, that my family 

and friends were also eternal creatures 

of space. 

He thought again: “Never again view 

your life or your times as of 

little consequence, for infinity and 

all of life reside in your breath, 

as they do in Mine.”

The Open Box

Going through my closet, looking 

for old tax records, I found a box.

After sixty years of life, I paused.

What I have most to show for my time on 

earth are these poems, some on yellowed paper, 

photos of my two sons in different states, 

a wedding ring, and a religious tract.

Is that enough?

Where are the things that rose before me 

each day like giants, demanding attention 

more than any of these?

The giants are no more, at least not 

to the degree that they were.

Like the giants the Israelites slaughtered 

before they took over the Promised Land,

God wanted them dead.

Mine were friendly giants, and they were 

I suppose all part of my life plan— 

yet still I wish I had lived more for 

remembrances in my box.

If we do not live to create memories, 

we lose them to non-eternal sensations.

John Schmidt’s most recent nonfiction releases…

Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life

Short Prose Selections to Take the Mystery Out of Life

Volume 2 in the Successful Living Series

Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life is an informative book on a variety of practical and spiritual topics that leads a person from the confusion of modern life into serenity, or at least a greater ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. Learn techniques for overcoming life problems while enjoying personal discovery, new ideas, the revisiting of old ideas for pleasure’s sake, and occasionally a revelation thought that might change your life.

From the Introduction:

The purpose of this book is to excite the imagination. We simply don’t know all of the possible solutions to life issues until we have prayed, allowed spiritual forces to give us ideas, and acted on one or two of those ideas. Life is an infinity of solutions, not just problems. Every black night is followed by a new dawn, in physical life and also in our spiritual and mental lives. We should never despair about life problems. In peeling every onion, the onion eventually runs out of tear-producing substances. Wise cooks have techniques for reducing the number of tears. Thus, if we learn a few simple techniques we might have fewer tears throughout life. 

$8.99 at, 130 pages, 6x9

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-84-3; ISBN-10: 1-891774-84-0

Contents Highlights

A few of the many short prose selections and articles…

“A Short Overview of Life Planning” encourages us to face life head on, not wait for years before finding out why we were born—and not be distracted by delays, side trips, and frustrations that life might present.

“Greatest Threats”—a short history of the greatest threats to world stability in the last hundred years and how America’s greatest threat currently is internal, caused by the rejection of morality and common-sense spiritual principles.

“Something Fishy on the Home Front” is one of 12 humorous pieces. Find out what the wife said when her husband pointed out that there was a green bean in his tuna. 

In “The Big Lies and Truth” I tell how most of what society has told me about life had to be discarded in order to live a happier and peaceful life. 

“German Freedom”—how my grandfather’s decision to leave Germany circa 1910 greatly improved generations to come after him; I’m so thankful for having lived in the U.S.

“Using Creativity Creatively”—how we can use creativity more in our everyday lives for greater happiness.

“Relax, We’re Only Talking about Relaxation Techniques”—practical exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditations that could aid anyone. This article alone is worth the price of the book.


“Future Politics”—this and related sections of the book describe a beautiful, wonderful future directly ahead, perhaps only ten years away, if we react positively and do not despair about the current world.

“The Chain of ‘Happies’” encourages us to look at the thought processes we use to arrive at happiness. The question is posed: Is happiness only a product of accomplishment and sensation or more of a relationship with our Creator?

“Learning to Go by Sound and Not Sight”—how when presented with an issue, we should not be absorbed in what we see, but use sound to change our circumstances, be it for better health, deliverance from negative thoughts, increased prosperity, or whatever is God’s will for our lives.

“Life on the Fourth Floor” categorizes human consciousness levels, embracing the idea that people can indeed live mostly in an environment of intuition and infinity where few worries press into their existence because they can see so closely a very real God and a good solution to any problem.

Here’s the book’s description on Amazon right now…

Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life, Volume 2 in the Successful Living Series, is an informative book on a variety of practical and spiritual topics that leads a person from the confusion of modern life into serenity, or at least a greater ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. Learn techniques for overcoming life problems while enjoying personal discovery, new ideas, the revisiting of old ideas for pleasure’s sake, and occasionally a revelation thought that might change your life.

I worked very hard on this book for more than seven months. Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life is a bargain at $8.99.

$8.99 at, 130 pages, 6x9

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-84-3; ISBN-10: 1-891774-84-0

See the review of Making Life Work for You on the front page of this website—and it is from Reader Views, a very respected reviewing source.

Making Life Work for You

A Training Manual for a Fulfilling Life

Volume 1 in the Successful Living Series

Making Life Work for You contains entertaining and informative essays to help you unlock the keys to a successful and fulfilling life.

From the introduction…

“Life is not just for the accumulation of goods and services, but for a sincere and persistent investigation into the meaning of life…. We can take the opportunity to examine our lives closely while we still have life, not wait and see what happens after death….

“So I ask you, dear reader, to seriously consider the questions and answers in this book. Don’t just accept what society has told you is the correct path. Take a long look at life purpose and cause-and-effect reactions while you still have life. Don’t wait for the approach of death to force you into a situation of desperate pondering with few clear options as to how to handle the next reality.”

Short book description: 

Making Life Work for You is a collection of essays on a variety of topics which will both entertain and instruct the reader in order to obtain a fuller appreciation of life, from the very practical to the invisible spiritual realms. 

Only $7.99 at, 134 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-25-6; ISBN-10: 1-891774-25-5



1. Peaceful Life Purpose

2. God’s Kind of Love, Including Forgiveness

3. Keeping the Peace, in and Around Us

4. How to Stay Healthy in a Sick World

5. Choices, Chess, and Adolescence

6. Grandfather’s Blessings

7. Faith, in God, People, or Both?

8. Being a Child Again 

9. Tithing, Our Friend

10. Who Is the Holy Spirit?

11. Angels Everywhere 

12. Helping Suicide Prevention Helpers

13. The Smaller Words Will Have Their Day, Just Not Today—

Wordy Humor

14. How the Life Cycle Works for Most People

15. Finding Life Goals and the Life Mission

16. Making Life Goals

17. Expanding Time

18. Faith, Again

19. Peace Provision

20. Boring Names—More Wordy Humor

21. The Price of Fame

22. Our Next Great Civilization

23. Perfect Patience

24. Time to Seriously Think about Time

Appendix 1 

Suicide Prevention Poem and Devotional

Night Angel

Suicide Is a Dead-end

Appendix 2

Finding Suicide Prevention Help Lines Outside the U.S.

About the Author and the Publisher


Two books of poems for your enjoyment...

Enjoy these poems praising God and revealing our love!

Poems for God

For Joy and Enlightenment

By John Schmidt

Poems for God is a book of poems that are entertaining and also enlightening, as to our relationship with God and how He is blessed when we bless Him. 

From the introduction…

Years of serious thought on a variety of spiritual topics, including praise, have led me to compose this book of poems. I hope these words will not only enlarge the lives of readers everywhere, but also be a joyful expression to my Heavenly Father, thereby increasing my joy in Him.

Praise is a way of not only thanking Him for what He has given us, but a way of letting us show our love for Him. 

In this new collection, I give to you, dear reader, a chance to share in my praise so that together we might praise the Maker of the universe in our creative endeavors and all aspects of our lives.

Only $5.99 at

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-90-4 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-90-5

Here are sample poems from the book… 

I Remember That Too

I remember when they said it couldn’t be done: 

air flight across the oceans uniting continents 

weather forecasting weeks in advance 

machines linked together to enable one of us 

to send mail to Alaska in five seconds 

the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the sky.

True Connections

It seems life is often so unkind

until I look at thoughts that are mine

and perceive what I did not design—

long links between these pains 

and hurt people sorely intertwined

with desires as my aim.

An Amazing Afterlife

Thinking birth the beginning of 

his existence, he was

surprised to see spiritual love

flowing back for eons, above 

a sea of patience.

When I let God 

do the telling, 

I have far fewer needs 

to do the asking.

John Schmidt has created one of his most fun books, gathering poems written in the last 15 years!

Rock Solid Concrete Poems—Art Poems for the Heart

For lovers of art, life, or poetry!

By John Schmidt 

From the introduction: 

Almost all of John's art poems are in Rock Solid Concrete Poems—Art Poems for the Heart. This collection of concrete poems offers free expression to the imagination, entertaining readers of all ages. These art poems are truly for the heart, creating a satisfying emotional response while titillating the mind and expanding the soul.

You can purchase the paperback at for $7.99. Here are short comments from a reviewer and three readers… “Poetry flows into shapes that pop off the page!” “Texas poet John Schmidt is a master at writing shaped verse/concrete poetry.” “Well-crafted, humorous, and pleasurable—a sheer joy to ponder and to read aloud.” “The poems are beautiful, not only in words but in design.” 

Only $7.99 at, 62 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1500915926 / ISBN-10: 1500915920

Here are contact data and backlist from Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life—Short Prose Selections to Take the Mystery Out of Life…

Connect with John Schmidt:

By e-mail: Author Page: 

Facebook John Schmidt: 

Facebook Path Publishing:

Books and Ebooks by John Schmidt

The cost of a paperback copy of Rays of Truth for a Stellar Life—Short Prose Selections to Take the Mystery Out of Life is $8.99. Purchase from or by mail. send $8.99 plus $3.50 shipping for a total of $12.49 (Texans add 8.25 percent sales tax for a total of $13.52) to Path Publishing, 4302 SW 51st #121, Amarillo, Texas 79109-6159. For inquiries, e-mail . Thank you!

Paperbacks for adults by John Schmidt:

Discover more about yourself within the lives of others, while enjoying a variety of poetic forms, by reading A Life to Share—Two Hundred Poems for Living Life to the Fullest. Only $6.99 at

About 90 of John’s poems are in Winner’s Wisdom—Eight-Week Devotional Using Poetry and Journaling to Express the Real You. Available at for $8.99, 144 pages. 

If you are looking for a novel, please consider Timeless Sisters—A Novella About Love in All of Its Dimensions, where two very different, motherless sisters seek the loves of their lives while dealing with a turbulent time in their country’s history when their father, the king, dies suddenly. Paperback is $5.99 at and the ebook is available from for only $2.99.

Forty Tips for Church Growth—A how-to guide for practical expansion, $4.99. Also an ebook for the same price at

Friends Forever, You and God—A Coloring Book for Adults and Children, $5.50. ebooks by John Schmidt:

Timeless Sisters, $2.99.

Forty Tips for Church Growth―A how-to guide for practical expansion,$4.99.

Backlist—the following works by John Schmidt can be ordered by mail only (for information, e-mail


Giving to Yourself and Letting Happiness Happen, $6.99. A great little book for anyone who is seeking a way out of depression. 

Our Dream Language, $5.95. A handbook for the dream interpreter, who will discover that the language of dreams is as understandable as any foreign language, with persistence and a reliance on intuitive understanding. 

Audio book: 

Silly Willy Will, a two-cassette collection of hundreds of John’s poems, read by the author with professional piano music improvised in the background. Also available on a single CD for the same price, $6.00.

Fiction paperbacks for youths:

The Lion Princess—Journey to an Awakening, $12.95.

Heroes, Angels and Miracles—Eleven Uplifting Stories from Around the World for Youths, $20.00, 360 pages. “Timeless Sisters” is one of the stories in this book.

Children’s books:

Purchase all three for only $10.00.

Mr. Turtle’s Award, $6.00.

You and God Together, Friends Forever, $6.00.

Two Stories for Children—Betty Blooper Is Super! and Hands Holding Heaven, bilingual, English and Spanish, $6.00.

All the days of the afflicted [are] evil: but he that is of a merry heart [hath] a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15