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The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of God is an actual kingdom, a real place in the mind of God. And therefore it is in our future, if we will accept it.

The creation of our next great civilization is similar to the founding of the United States of America, which was only an idea in the minds of people in 1740. But once the idea of a union was accepted by enough people, and worked toward, it became a reality. It was an unfolding of the Plan that God has for humanity.

I have written three books about the Kingdom of God in the last 40 years, two of which are still in print. Below you will find selections from those books, both available on

Below is the introduction from My Return to the Future, 2350—Our Next Great Civilization Revealed…



Why My Third Visit

Do you have any curiosity about the future? I don’t mean your life only—we all have an interest in our own individual futures—but the future of humanity, all of us together, human life on Earth?

I did a recent Internet search and tried to find any source of information about humanity in approximately 300 years. I didn’t find anything. And yet, I have this ability, which I believe is from God, where I can pretty well imagine what life is going to be like in those days. Are you as curious as I am?

I would like to lead you into my third visit into the future. I have been there twice before and had two books published about those experiences. And because people are interested in the future, I wanted to go there again and reveal even more. In the process, I discovered insights about the Second Coming of Jesus and how our old world will be altered, with our lives changed dramatically.

I wanted to further explore sociological and economic aspects of our next great civilization, which we can call the Kingdom of God. Take a leap of imagination with me and go into the future.

As on my first two visits, I did not go there in some kind of time machine. I prayed, was receptive to the idea of going there, and was there, at least in my spiritual senses, shall we say.

There is widespread consensus within the body of Christ that the Kingdom of God is within us, that within is all the power, understanding, freedom, and love that God wants us to have, and we can have all of that if we are receptive.

There seems to be more uncertainty about the Kingdom of God being a place that will physically manifest in our future, even though in Revelation, the last book in the Bible, Saint John is clearly shown a kingdom descending from Heaven.

In my opinion, the Kingdom of God is in both, in us and in our future, similar to the establishment of the United States of America. In 1720 there were writers and thinkers who believed that representative democracy could one day exist. Representative democracy was in those days a radical concept because most people in the world believed that no government could exist without a king in control; common people did not have the education or the common sense to rule themselves. By 1770 a large number of individuals on the American continent believed that they could rule themselves through elected representatives in a central location, otherwise they would not have declared war in 1776 on the strongest country in the world at that time. In a few years the war was won and a constitution was signed that has lasted more than 200 years. Today, people never debate whether or not representative government can exist. It is, in fact, the leading form of government in the entire world.

Today, the question is whether or not pure democracy will ever work, where the common people do not need representatives because they more or less rule themselves and need very few new laws.

One premise in this book is that our next great civilization will be almost fully developed by the year 2350, with its Citizens ruling themselves in a pure democracy.

Also, a new paradigm of living and thinking is coming soon to humankind, sparked by the Second Coming. At that time many millions of human souls who have not spiritually prepared themselves for a spectacular change in consciousness will be removed from the planet. Once free from violent and intensely selfish attitudes, the majority of humans will be able to take advantage of new opportunities that most people living today have never considered possible, perhaps never dreamed of.

Another premise is that God has had this new civilization in His Plan for a long time, perhaps from the foundation of the world. Once humanity accepts the idea and is willing to work toward it, all of Heaven will aid in the process.

This book has fictional elements in order to make it more entertaining to most readers. But its basic truths are a part of the spiritual reality of God’s infinite universe.

It is my hope that many people will read this book and give up all fears of the old, present world passing away, expecting instead a new, glorious world coming very soon.

Here is an excerpt from My Visit to the Kingdom of God—An In-Depth Look at a Remarkable Vision, where I visit the city on the moon…


Day Two: Waking Up in the City on the Moon 

We got into Ravi’s craft and were soon in outer space. I asked if we might pause and just look back at Earth. He agreed and Greg complied. Greg was smart; he could understand anything that was said. I even wondered for a moment if he had a soul. No, I guess not. But he was a trusted and obedient partner.

Earth was stunningly beautiful. No words were said. None were needed. 

As we approached the moon, the first people we saw were exiting from a tourist bus. They were walking around on the moon’s surface in plastic bubbles. Ravi explained that each person used a self-contained mode of travel that fed him the oxygen he needed and the amount of gravity desired. A cushion of air allowed the bubble to safely skim along the surface. He also told me that a larger, practically invisible bubble had been created over the moon’s inhabited area as a safety device against meteors. 

The main city on the moon was under a clear, giant dome. We flew down to the outside edge of the dome and into a garage, the door closing automatically behind us. Ravi told me we couldn’t get out yet because the air had not changed. The whole city was well lighted. 

Once inside the reception area I was introduced to a man named Baran, and his lovely wife, Celya, who would put us up for the night. 

The four of us left the reception area and stepped on a platform that immediately soared up above the buildings and began floating along. Needless to say, I was shocked! Here I am, moving along, a hundred feet in the air with no visible means of support under the platform! Since my fellow travelers were chatting about small stuff, I decided to try to relax and go with the flow. I wanted to ask them how this could happen, but my body had not relaxed enough to get the words out. Later I learned, using a home computer, that the gravity on the moon is much less and these platforms brought moon gravity inside the dome, so to speak. 

After a few minutes we effortlessly floated down into Baran and Celya’s home. Half was enclosed, and half was nestled into a giant plant, its sturdy leaves set more or less parallel to the ground. Soon we were sitting on one of the wide leaves, talking, watching flying crafts move about the city. It was like sitting outside in a high tree house!

I asked, “Is there any danger of being hit by the cars?” 

“None.” Baran picked up an orange from a bowl of fruit on the table and tossed it away from us. Bouncing off an invisible barrier, it fell down below. “Contact by a craft, though highly unlikely, would cause it to bounce back the way it had come, just as the orange bounced back our way.” 

Evidently the three of them had not seen each other in quite a while because they talked for hours. I enjoyed it; it was better than a good movie. The two men got into some rather deep discussions of several scientific experiments being conducted on the moon, one of which I was invited to visit the next day. I whole-heartedly agreed to the adventure.

In my room that night I lay on a round bed that rolled out of a wall. I was fascinated by a large window in the roof above me, where mirrors could be turned to show bright stars. Turned another way, they reflected the cityscape and air traffic. Turned a third way, they reflected Earth and I could see it above me. Their motion was determined by my thoughts. I found, to my delight, I could also fill the room with music composed from my thoughts. I fell asleep under the brightest stars I have ever seen.

The next morning I awoke to the stars. I felt like pinching myself. Had yesterday really happened? Yet here I was, in the moon bed. What adventures awaited me today?

I exchanged my clothes for a garment supplied by my hosts, a one-piece suit that cleaned itself. The night before they showed me how to use some of the thought-machines and how to take a shower. They explained how tiny benign organisms lived in the suit, devouring unwanted bacteria and dirt while not bothering me. 

I met Celya downstairs on the “patio” leaf. She had the most sensational, most spiritual vibration of anyone I have ever met. 

She said, “Ravi and Baran are out working with some scientists and will be back shortly. They didn’t want to wake you.”

“Best sleep I’ve had in years, and my first on the moon.”

“They say that periodically enjoying the lesser gravity on the moon has benefits to the body and emotions, and we may even live longer because of it, though it’s only a theory. The greatest gains may be to the human spirit, to be able to look up into the sky and see Earth.”

I thought back to the first people I saw on the moon, in their bubbles. That would really be fun. I was inquisitive about something else, though. “I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed the city lights were the same. Is the traffic ever affected by an eclipse?”

“Oh no. Everything is a constant. Even the temperature is maintained.”

“It seems to be a perfect life up here.”

“But you see, with humankind so attentive to God’s purpose, there is no reason for the harmony of Heaven to not be fully manifested in every area of mankind’s life.”

Speaking of harmony, I had noticed the tremendous harmony between her and her husband. “If I may ask, how did you meet Baran?”

“You may ask anything you wish. Yet before I answer, I am as curious about you, and everything you are asking about. How is it that you don’t know all of these things already?”

I decided I may as well spill the beans. These people had seemed so open to life and all its aspects, so why should I be afraid of her reaction? “I’m not sure I understand it myself. Somehow, by the love and power of God, I have been able to come into this world while my physical body is living in the 21st century. It’s lying on my couch as I experience this time with you. And this time with you is being condensed into a much shorter time there. Can you believe that?”

“There are many miracles on Earth ― and the moon, and all of God’s space ― that I personally cannot explain. I do not find it impossible. I only find it a curiosity.”


I knew she would have a delightful answer, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. She would not reject me because I was simply having a very unusual experience.

“So to answer your question, I met Baran by a computer search in the Human Bank. And, to make it simple to understand, that is the system whereby any human can find any other human. Confidential data is not supplied, of course, but the basic characteristics are. And if one is single, one can simply ask for a search and every available close match comes up on the computer. So I contacted him and we had our first date that same day. It was 30 years ago, and he has been the delight of my life. And I let him know that every day.”

She looked much too young to have been married 30 years, but I said nothing. And it was truly evident that she made him feel special. She made everyone feel special. She made everyone feel as if they were experiencing God’s infinite love for them by being close to her.

She offered me several choices for breakfast, and I told her what I would like to have. She made no effort to get up for the food, so I concentrated on the beauty of Earth, which was placed in space as if I, suddenly with the power of God, had placed it there for everyone to enjoy.

From a wall behind us, a door opened and a table rolled out, stopping at the table between us. There was my breakfast!

She invited me to take my plate, which I did, and we enjoyed our meal and light conversation. When I finished she invited me to have a little prune-like dessert that contained beneficial organisms that would clean my teeth far better than any toothbrush ever could, and aid my digestive system when I later swallowed water.

“Ravi and I have something to show you,” he declared. “I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“And show him a few of the city’s sights,” she offered.


We men parted company with Celya and headed out in his flying car, which took off from one of the leaves below the dining area. I thought I would never get used to this new life, where at every turn there was a delightful surprise, yet everything was in harmony with everything else.

He described the homes, how the living conditions of people, operating systems, and appliances were checked periodically to make sure the people were happy and nothing could ever break down. The city was responsible for the maintenance of all homes, and anything that might soon break was replaced before that could happen.

“How many people live here?” 

“About 20,000, not counting tourists and temporary researchers.”

“What kind of work can people do on the moon?”

“Beside the usual city functions, the moon serves as a launching pad for space exploration within the solar system. Plus there is moon research and scientific research of all kinds. It’s like a giant university.” 

We hovered over a large building, then slowly descended inside a shaft that on two sides displayed an animated history of life in this solar system. An informative voice-over came through the speakers of the car. At the top were moon men, followed by sections that highlighted earlier human life. 

Life in Eden, Noah and the Flood, the Tower of Babel, people disbursing to all parts of the world, the industrialization of the world, the twentieth century turn from God, the Second Coming of Jesus, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God. It was fascinating.

When we reached the bottom, we left the shaft and parked the craft. After entering the building, we went through two large doors. What I saw before me was totally unexpected: a giant tree, like a pine, several stories high. The entire bottom story was taken up by a mound of rich, dark soil for the tree’s root system. I asked if it was moon dirt. Baron explained that the dirt was brought from Earth, and much more was below the mound. Scientists were standing around, discussing their planned activities; I saw Ravi with them, who seemed as knowledgeable as anyone about what was going on. 

Baran explained that they were trying to help the plant advance into a much more mobile body, like the body of an animal. “Without getting too complicated, the scientists have determined that while human beings possess three-dimensional awareness, animals have but two, and plants only one. That is, we have past, present, and future; animals have present and past; yet plants have only the present while learning the past, learning memory.  If we can show plants that a greater dimensional knowledge is possible, we can help them greatly. And I think God would be pleased with that.” 

We all moved behind special protective glass frames; a scientist pressed a button that caused flashes of colored lights to hit the tree. It was clear to me, by their thoughtful action and almost reverential attitude, that these people were totally dedicated to peacefully helping other life forms on Earth to expand; they would never consider blowing atoms apart to find out what is inside, for example. 

Baran continued: “The lights, and vibrations we cannot see, are to harmlessly shock the tree into remembering similar patterns in the past, and thus slowly encourage it to build a record of events. Walla! The past is born!”

“It must take great patience,” I said softly in agreement.

“But think of the patience God has with life, including us stubborn humans!” Baran smiled, a loving smile, but accompanied by a somewhat sad expression on his face.

If only we humans could wake up and make God’s work on us easier, and not always take the hard road!

My visit to the moon soon ended. With our hosts waving to us from behind the protective glass at the garage, Ravi and I set off for Earth. In a short time we were flying over the North Pole. 

He asked me if I was ready to sign up, to live in Acturon. 

I said, “No doubt.”

And Jesus said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent. Luke 4:43