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Welcome to Path Publishing

Welcome to Path Publishing

Welcome to Path PublishingWelcome to Path Publishing

We have published books by more than 20 authors!


Other Authors, with Short Backlist

We have published books by more than 20 authors since 1993. Here are the most recent titles followed by a blacklist. Many titles are available at and all are available by e-mailing us at and then sending payment through or by regular mail. Our mailing address, additional sales information, and “How to Submit” can be found under About Us.


Dawn of Memory 

Selected Poems to Encourage, Delight, and Explore Our Lives

By Tony Dickensheets

Poems that encourage self-revelation through people, travel, careful analysis, and spiritual awareness. There is a beauty in their simplicity, subtle truths in personal 

and scenic descriptions.

From the poet: I began writing poetry during my childhood as a way to come to grips with my environment. For many years, these poems were just for me. I used them as a way to help me to better understand the world around me. Growing up in a small working-class town in south-central Pennsylvania helped to shape who I am, but it was only with time and the experiences that followed that I became confident that I had something meaningful to share with others…. During the past three decades I have been blessed to be able to travel to over seventy countries and territories on six continents through both leisure travel and volunteer work. The many people that I have met on these journeys have had a profound impact on how I view the world. While it may sound like a cliché, I have found that people are truly much more alike than we are different from one another. This has been the case whether it was teaching English to Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, ESL to high school girls in Vietnam, or helping to deliver a baby in rural Ghana (one of the precious memories of my life). To me, poetry is yet another way in which human beings are bound together in spite of our differing backgrounds and belief systems. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, has given us these multitudes of cultures to aid us in both our personal and spiritual growth. 

Paperback, $9.99 at, 74 pages

To read sample poems, use this link to go to the “look inside” feature.

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-68-3 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-68-9

Being Superman

Lucid poetry for the young and the young-at-heart

By John Brooks


John Brooks has a gift that touches happy hearts—hopeful, humorous, healing hearts. What a wonderful way with words!—Deborah Cashen, former Certified Family Life Educator—Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend

John Brooks turns his poems into beautiful rainbows of thought and emotions through his remarkable use of words.—Jeanne Hranitzky, Ph.D., former university professor and educational administrator

From John Brooks, poet… 

All life has poetic imagery in its make-up, and these poems intend to clear away the detritus and let that imagery speak clearly to the reader without sophistication. If you are the common clay of the literate generation, and not inclined toward poetic verse, “Be Not Afraid”—this book was written with you in mind.

Paperback, $9.99 at, 91 pages

ISBN-13: ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-89-8; ISBN-10: 1-891774-89-1

Common and Uncommon Thoughts

Poems about Thoughts of Being and Seeing

By Hollis Davis

Poems that envelop eight decades, from cotton picker to rocket scientist to poet!

These poems by Hollis Davis embrace his individuality, but are for sharing a community of thoughts to trigger memories in the mind of the reader. He shares almost nine decades of his life. Some poems are congenial and others share the emotions of past experiences.  

We all go through phases of life and each of our associates becomes a part of what and who we are. The author's evolutionary path was like climbing a ladder with many rungs, from farm life to college football to a career in the aerospace industry to poetry and songs. He has experienced almost two decades of writing for fun. Now these selections are for your enjoyment, as he has had his joy in writing them. 

$9.99 at

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-70-6 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-70-0

Creative Hearts: Works from Two Generations of Poets

By Pat Tyrer and Jean Brazelton

Enjoy a caring, insightful, and powerful collection of poems by two women who loved each other and their families! The mother now resides in Heaven, but the love and the creativity continue.

From Pat Tyrer’s introduction…

When I decided to put together a collection of my own poetry, I felt that it would be appropriate to combine my work with my mother’s. After all, it was she who inspired me to write. What is presented here is a combined collection of our work. I hope you will enjoy reading these works as much as I enjoyed reviewing, sorting, and collecting them.

$9.99 at

ISBN-13: 978-1-891774-94-2 / ISBN-10: 1-891774-94-8

Backlist of titles by other authors and not by Editor, John Schmidt…

Here are some of the more than 30 titles published since 1993 .

Christian Nonfiction: Let’s Grow Up!, by Dr. Tom Fuller, will explain the Christian path and encourage you to follow Jesus in an extreme and compromising world. $13.99. 

Stand for Your Man, by Cindy Cox, helps a woman stand by her man and walk with the Lord through all circumstances. $6.99.

A Book of Christian Music: Hymns for Our Lord—Original Works to Uplift and Lead by Anna McAnear. This collection of hymns expresses a love of God that transcends denominational barriers. The collection was composed over two decades with arrangements by Phil Spray. $12.99. 

Poetry: A Look at Life, by Raymond Mears. Raymond had a successful country band before coming to the Lord. Now he devotes his life to Jesus and creative service. Enjoy these poems and song lyrics, as so many others have! $7.99.

Psalms from My Soul, by Mimi Crawford. Poems that will inspire your walk with the Lord. $7.99. 

Path Ebooks: The first two printings of Ridin’ for the Brand and Other Verses by Buck Wehrbein sold out, but for $4.00 we offer it as an ebook that you can put on your computer. 

Tom Kraeuter gives real answers about how Christians can walk in true biblical unity in If Standing Together Is So Great, Why Do We Keep Falling Apart? Ebook $8.00.

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