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Suicide Prevention, Including Who to Call



For more than a decade I have been trying to convince sad or depressed people to not commit suicide. For this website I created a new, special document which I hope will further help in this effort: Heart to Heart—How I came back from thoughts of suicide and am sure glad I did!

Everything else is from one of my books, Making Life Work for You—A Training Manual for a Fulfilling Life (available on for $7.99).

Numbers to call if you need help…

Chapter 12, “Helping Suicide Prevention Helpers” 

Prize Winning Devotional, “Suicide Is a Dead-end”

Suicide Prevention Poem

Special Article…

Heart to Heart—How I came back from thoughts of suicide 

and am sure glad I did!

I have written this as if I were talking to someone who is considering suicide. 

I’m going to go at this heart-to-heart, because I want you to give yourself more time and not listen to voices or circumstances that might tell you that suicide will solve your problems.

It will not. It will only make everything worse. Suicide is the only mistake you can’t come back from. No matter what you do wrong in life, there is always some way to make amends, get through it with patience, or in some other way improve your situation.

I have been where you are at. I won’t tell the whole story here, because that is below, taken from one of my books. But I will say that when I was a teenager I thought about suicide—and the love of my parents, and God, got me through that—thoughts of suicide have never returned.

I’m so happy that my life returned to normal. Yes I have had trials since I was a teenager on that day, but life is a process, and what seems so bleak at one point can dissolve into light in an instant. Since that day I broke away from thoughts of suicide, life has had many wonderful experiences: I have lived in many places, enjoyed hundreds of friends, worked at wonderful jobs, published more than two dozen works through my publishing company, Path Publishing, and other publishers, and published the works of more than  20 authors.

I want you to please relax, call on Jesus, saying, “Dear Jesus, I have made mistakes, and now these depressing thoughts are telling me that I should take my own life. I disagree. I ask You to come into my environment and throw off these depressing thoughts so that they never come back to me again. I claim my freedom to live a wonderful life as Father God planned. If I have messed things up, I know that You and the Holy Spirit can still make it wonderful, far beyond what I can currently see.”

Next, find a Bible, jump to the back of the book, the New Testament, and read the words of Jesus, Paul, and others. Any time that you get down about something, go back to the Bible and start reading.

As soon as you can, get to a church and ask someone to pray with you about situations that you are going through. If you don’t own a Bible, buy one from them or ask them to give you one. You will feel better after prayer and Bible reading.

If you have access to cable TV, find Christian stations to watch and don’t watch anything that is secular, violent, negative, or depressing. Fill your mind, body, and spirit with positive thoughts. If a preacher or evangelist says something you don’t like, change the channel and go somewhere else that is Christian. Keep everything in your mind positive. Find a joke book or a humor source on the Internet and read bits of humor every day.

Think of at least one person who would be deeply hurt if they learned that you committed suicide. If a voice says, “There’s nobody like that—nobody cares if you live or die,” say, “Get behind me, Satan, you have no power my life in the Name of Jesus the Christ!”

I know of a man who was dying of a jellyfish sting, and when an angel told him he had to forgive the men who would not help him get to a hospital, he was reluctant to forgive. But he saw a vision of his mother, who would be greatly grieved when she learned he had died. He felt like he had no one to live for, but then he realized he did. He should stay alive to keep her from great sadness. He did forgive the men who did not help him and immediately the angel could help him back to health. 

When you think about it, you are going to be meeting thousands of people in the next several decades. How can you say that nobody, of all those people, is going to enjoy having you around? Perhaps there are some people around you now who are making your life challenging, but they are not going to be around you forever. You are going to break out and meet new people and experience new and wonderful things.

And what about the people who you’re going to bring into life? When you find a spouse who you love, aren’t you going to enjoy loving companionship with that person? Aren’t you going to enjoy the children you will bring into the world? Or, if you never have children, you will enjoy your nephews and nieces. You will have a chance to improve their lives because they know you care, and when you improve their lives, yours will be better off.

Now let me pray for you. Even though I cannot see you as I am writing these words, they are going to have great power in your life.

“In the Name of Jesus Christ, I claim the purpose and power of Father God over my friend’s life. Satan has no power in his or her life any more. I call forth the angels of mercy to dwell in and around my friend and charge that space with the love and encouragement of all of Heaven. The light that is now around my friend is more powerful than any darkness. There is nothing that my friend cannot overcome, with time and power and patience. Jesus, be with my friend now and forever.”

As time goes on, in the next few minutes, hours, or days, I want you to forgive everyone who has ever hurt you. In that way, Father God can forgive you of everything you have ever done wrong. And your sadness can be totally replaced by a guilt-free existence where you enjoy the peace and the plenty that are supposed to be yours. 

If you feel like there is someone or some group you cannot forgive, call on Jesus, saying: “Dear Jesus, there is someone I’m not sure I can forgive totally, but I know that You have the power to make this happen, so that I can live in peace and have a great life. I forgive myself for everything I’ve done wrong. I know Father God forgives me, because I ask at this moment, or have asked in the past, for Him to forgive me.”

Now, accept the peace that you are. You are, as the Bible says, a new creature in Christ! “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV).

John Schmidt


Numbers to call if you need help…

700 Club: 1-800-759-0700, available at all hours, 24-7

Kenneth Copeland Ministries: 1-817-852-6000

Oral Roberts University Help Line: 1-918-495-7777


Finding Suicide Prevention Help Lines Outside the U.S.

Information taken from HELPGUIDE.ORG …

To find a suicide help line outside the U.S., visit IASP or

Chapter 12...

Helping Suicide Prevention Helpers 

Most human beings have contemplated suicide at one time or another. Luckily, the vast majority of those individuals did not do it. They went on to live fulfilled lives, their closest relatives were spared great sadness, and people who were scheduled to meet them in later years were not disappointed.

The word “scheduled” may seem a bit mysterious, but it’s the right word. Every one of us came into life with a life plan, given to us by Father God so that we can spiritually grow, improve the lives of others, and help Him build a new civilization on Earth. This third part of our life assignment is just as important as the other two because we are helping Father God take back the plan for humanity that has been slowed down by evil but is in no way forgotten about.

Whatever is going on in a person’s life, the issues are going to pass if they maintain a positive attitude and allow other people to help. There are fantastic helpers who can lead people back to happiness if they will just give the helpers a reasonable chance.

Below are the phone numbers and websites I keep in my billfold at all times so that if I run across someone who I think might be thinking about suicide or knows someone who might be depressed, I can hand them a little three by five sheet, which might save a life. I have this information in a file on my computer so I can easily print out and cut more sheets whenever needed.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—1-800-273-TALK (8255)

700 Club: 1-800-759-0700, available at all hours, 24-7

Kenneth Copeland Ministries: 1-817-852-6000

Oral Roberts University Help Line: 1-918-495-7777


If you know someone you want to help or you are thinking about suicide, please read this Suicide Help article:

This is more about the above hotline from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website…

We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Call 1-800-273-8255.

Sometimes all it takes to save a life is to make even a small effort. At my company’s website,, for many years I have had a suicide prevention article and a link to people to call when a person is depressed; perhaps those links have helped several people over the years. Even if they have helped only one person, that was worth the effort of installing the links and maintaining the website. Every life is precious and unique in Creation.

Recently I have started to make a concerted effort to reach out to people by using the little sheets. I have handed them out to people at two writers’ groups; my landlady, who I hope will place them on table in the front office; and all my friends. Perhaps this can influence the life of someone not too far from me. I can also e-mail the file so that other people can print out sheets whenever they want to, or e-mail it to others. We need to keep trying, if only in small ways, to reach out to those closest to us.

I think the Holy Spirit is in favor of my most recent efforts because I received a vision of a suicide prevention website that I would like to describe to you.

At the top of the front page is the name of the site, which I will let other people decide on. But here is one website description that might work…

A suicide prevention website made by creative people who want to reach out to you.

Then there is an introductory paragraph, something like this…

Welcome to a home for those who are hurting, and possibly contemplating suicide. We are not here to condemn you for your feelings and doubts, but to show you new ways of life, joy, and discovery. Please click on the links below to open yourself to new possibilities and touch base with people who love you, even though they have never met you.

One suicide prevention hotline, open 24-7

One prayer line, open 24-7, with two others that can assist you if the first line is busy

One link to help lines outside the U.S.

One article

One painting

One video

On sculpture 

One song

One poem

One testimonial of a young girl who almost committed suicide and is happy today she did not

One violin concerto

One pastor

One priest

One devotional 

One child asking you to choose life

Please don’t leave this site if you are still depressed. Call the hotline or one of these prayer lines right now, and give someone a chance to talk with you…

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

700 Club: 24-7 1-800-759-0700 

Kenneth Copeland Ministries: 1-817-852-6000

Oral Roberts University Help Line: 1-918-495-7777

Or read the excellent article at HELPGUIDE.ORG, Trusted guide to mental & emotional health,

That’s the end of the front page of the website.

In Appendix 1 are two creative works which I would allow to be placed at the website for free: a poem called “Night Angel” and a devotional called “Suicide Is a Dead-end.”

Appendix 2 contains information that can aid someone outside the U.S. to find help lines to call, taken from HELPGUIDE.ORG.

Suicide prevention is close to my heart for many reasons, including the fact that as a teenager I came close to committing suicide. If I had done the horrible act, I would have lost decades of creative work and missed many wonderful people.

I came home from school angry and depressed about something that somebody said. I don’t even recall what it was.

Even though I didn’t say anything when I walked in the house, my mother noticed there was something wrong with me. When my dad got home from work, she told him that he needed to “Go talk to Johnny.”

He found me in the kitchen with a knife. I don’t recall his exact words, but he wanted to know what I was doing. I felt like he at least deserved an answer, so I told him what had happened at school. I recall him moving away the knife on the counter, giving me a big hug, and allowing me to cry. He said everything was going to be okay, or words to that effect. I think both of my parents said prayers for me because that negative influence was lifted off me and never came back.

That’s my story. I am glad it had a happy resolution.

A couple days after I finished the first draft of this essay I had the following dream, in color, which to me means the dream contains an important message… 

I was listening to a well-built fellow from some other country who was aggressively pronouncing the fact that people needed to watch their step when they were around him or he would hurt them. I shook hands with him but his hand was very limp, no strength in it. He went away and I was glad to see he was gone.

In a large room, I was with an acquaintance of mine, who I had some affinity for. He was saying that he still owed money to another fellow, and that the company he works for should not have placed him in that unfavorable position. I could tell he was upset, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. He stepped away to do something else and I was thinking about how I could convince him that forgiveness of all parties was necessary in order to be happy.

Still dreaming, I received an answer to my question about what to tell him. The idea was that when a person is in harmony, it’s like energy working within the longitudinal lines of the planet, in order and peace. But when there is unforgiveness, there are swirling energies, like hurricanes, which the positive energy has to go around in order to function. This is a state of disharmony and is an inefficient use of resources.

After I awoke, I did this analysis of the dream: The aggressive man represents people who irritate us. They come on mean and appear to be strong, but they are not, unless we give them power over us. Their strength is eliminated when we hold out a hand of friendship, the hand of love. And they do pass out of our lives if we will allow time for that to happen.

The large room means that there are opportunities for spiritual expansion if we will be aware. My affinity for my acquaintance means that my Spirit and a lot other people love anyone who is going through trials. His owing money means that he is losing energy, creating a spiritual loss by holding on to negative feelings. His blaming the company for the problem is like all of us when we want to blame circumstances or organizations or God for our trials. His being upset mentally, emotionally, and physically means that unforgiveness causes harm to all parts of a person. And as to the analogy of the planetary energy, for harmony to exist a person has take control of his own world. When he does, when he calls on Jesus Christ to help him, all things are possible. Over time, peace does come.

I leave you with one of my poems…

The Christ Solution

As it is with candle being light 

in large room or darkest, lonely night,

so it is with man’s trial, that fright

may charge him to succumb.

Yet it is at that moment he might 

call out for Christ to come.

(Poetic form: Burns Stanza, a six-line poem 

with the rhyme scheme aaabab and 

syllable count of 999696)

More Just for You

Prize Winning Devotional, “Suicide Is a Dead-end”

Finished third place Devotional Category, 

Inspirational Writers Alive! 2014 Contest 

By John Schmidt 

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.” Psalm 118:17-27 (KJV)

Suicide Is a Dead-end

Everything in life can atoned for—except suicide. If you crash your car, make a big financial mistake, or lose the spouse you dearly love, you can buy another car, start a new business, or date somebody else in a few months or years. Suicide is a dead-end you don’t come out of. You can’t say, “OOPS, mistake, sorry.” Nobody can help you regain your physical body. 

If you need a vacation from life, take it. Take a long trip in your car or on a boat and meet new people. Maybe all you need is a vacation. 

I heard this story once: A teenager met a very special girl who he wanted as his wife and raise children with. But she killed herself—to punish her alcoholic father. The young man was, of course, devastated. Later in life he married someone else, but he always felt his life had been altered, was not the beautiful experience it could have been with his first love.

I think most people intellectually understand that they are spiritual beings and suicide is a false idea. The lucky people dismiss it quickly. Others have to work at letting it go. Either way, it needs to be dismissed as illogical, sad, solving nothing

A person needs to understand that love is more powerful than any idea. Our love, together, can overcome anything, and has done so many times.

Dear God, we pray that all Your children fully understand that You accept the fact that they will fail at times to live up to expectations. But at those times, they need not kill themselves, but rely on Your mercy to take them back.

Suicide Prevention Poem

Night Angel

“It’s not worth it.” In the dim light of the room

behind the cafe, the blond-haired boy cried.

And she listened, the vision in space that loomed

above dirty floor and faded T-shirt beside 

the gun he did not use that night because 

the inch of love she gave him kept him from it.

He was married with four children when he paused

long enough on his short couch to again sit

with old times, and the one night that would have 

ended it. He did not pray often, but he

said a thank-you to the Powers That Be, glad

his children had a father who loved them. She 

heard his prayer, though far away, above 

one of his children, thanking God for fatherly love.

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow nor crying.” Revelation 21:4, The New King James Bible, New Testament and Psalms

I give you the authority over serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19 , KJV 

For them all sorrow and all sighing will be gone forever; only joy and gladness will be there. Isaiah 35:10, The Living Bible